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Apr 25, 2014 06:48 PM

Taking first timer to the big easy! Best bbq shrimp?

So I lived in NOLA 10years ago though I imagine a lot has changed! We are only going for a long weekend. Here are the places I'm thinking. Please critique and help!!!

1st-please give me thoughts on best NOLA bbq shrimp!

Cafe du Monde (not my fav but a tourist must)
Camilla Grille

Cochon Butcher
Cafe Amelie
Need a good po'boy place and would welcome $ lunch ideas

Jacques Imo's-uptown (this place used to be fantastic, reviews still seem good?)
Probably CP
Need something quick on arrival evening

Does Verti Marte still exist? 10 years ago it was a little (ok a lot) sketchy looking but oddly delicious

Thanks! :)

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  1. Yeah, Verti Mart is the same as ever. They had a fire a few years ago (2010?) but nothing has changed food wise. Other good poboys in the Quarter that are new since you lived here are Toulouse House Grocery (good plate lunches too) and NOLA Poboys on Bourbon.

    1. while all The Talk has been of Mr B's BBQ Shrimp, there is a vocal and partisan group (possibly a minority) that still holds to Pascale Manales' as being The Best. I patronize it out of custom, habit, memory and because I like it...and I know how NOT to run up a bar tab waiting for a table so they give up and seat me.

      1. I thought the BBQ Shrimp at Mr B's were great, until I tasted Bevi Seafood's version. Perhaps the best thing I ever ate in NOLA

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          It is a very easy thing to do---I find people's preferences depend on how much garlic or Lea & Perrins or whatever-you-care-to-name is in it. And then you get the butter v. margarine debate. I've seen adherents of one pass up a streetcar in a storm if a rival school was onboard.

          1. re: hazelhurst

            I am not a fan of the heavy Lea & Perrin in Emeril's and Mr. B's versions of BBQ shrimp. Still prefer the Manale's version.