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Apr 25, 2014 06:38 PM

Large Group (20-25), half are vegitarians

I am planning a party for about 25 people and would love some suggestions for venues that would be able to accommodate a large number of vegetarian (and a few vegan) guests. As a carnivore I need all the help I can get. Location does not matter and a mid-range price point ($75pp). I am open to any style of food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Public is right in that range & has done a customized vegan tasting for a different CH user in the past. Seems like they'd be able to work with your constraints. Here's the review from the carnivore/vegan party (last post):

    1. Would you be open to Korean?

      If so, consider Hangawi.

      1. Pure Food and wine does a five course dinner pre fixe for $69, if its nice weather they have a large back patio area.

        I'm not sure of candle 79 would be able to accomodate a group your size but call to see....

        +1 for hangawi

        1. Public seems like a good option. I want to be inclusive of both meat eaters and neg so I'm not looking for a vegetarian specific restaurant.