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Apr 25, 2014 06:34 PM

Rudest grocery checker remark

My brother just told me that the checker asked him, "Do you ever buy anything that's not on sale?"

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  1. "why would you ask?"
    "why is it important to you?"
    or simply painful, stony silence with a raised eyebrow and just a hint of a glare.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      "Good question! what else does this tell you about my perceived demographic? wanna guess what TV shows I watch? what magazines I read? who's my favorite author? who? who? who?! c'mon we've got a line building so make it quick!"

      1. I was checking out one evening at about 8pm, and the store was strangely empty. When I commented to the checker that I had finally discovered a good time to shop, she replied, "Well, most people have something better to do on Valentine's Day." Uff.

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        1. re: Cachetes

          What is wrong with someone who'd say something like that?
          Absolutely no filter and a crap personality to boot.

          1. re: Cachetes

            .......did you wanna say 'well obviously you don't, you're here'

            a clerk said to me, "you must really like that song, you've been singing it ever since you walked in"

            1. re: iL Divo

              Darn, that's what I should have said! If only I were quicker on my feet...

            2. re: Cachetes

              She obviously had no need to take the day off... on Valentines day.

              1. re: Cachetes

                Reminds me of my own rude Valentine experience:
                A few years ago I sold one of my businesses and had some extra cash. I bought my wife a very nice mink coat. VERY nice!!
                We make it a rule not to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day as it is usually a disaster.
                There is a small Greek place that is mostly take out but has a couple of tables. We like their food and knew it was a good bet for V Day.
                Lovely wife wore her new mink. We ordered and while we waited struck up a conversation with the counter person and a few others waiting for take out when the cashier said: "What kind of husband are you that you take your wife to a place like this on V Day?" The others chimed in with their unflattering comments.
                I listened, asked my wife to stand and said: "For Valentine's Day we came here for dinner and my lovely wife got this coat."
                "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Nice!!!!!!"

              2. "No, and that's why I don't have work as a grocery checker for a living."

                1. I'm overweight (and was at one time morbidly obese). And I occasionally will buy things for our restaurant in a retail store. Try being 5'7" and 300 pounds and present to a checker an order which includes 4-5 different pies, several bags filled with candy (starlight mints), and 5 or 10 loaves of specialty bread -- you're bound to get some sort of comment. Now I'm in much better shape and the comments run more toward "I see you're having a party," or "what's the occasion?"

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                    1. re: shaogo

                      I often buy from local stores for our restaurant and I hate it when the checker comments on my purchases. I would like to say MYOIB but it's a small town so I usually tell them it's for a restaurant. Some day I will simply tell them it's rude to comment on someone's purchases.

                      1. re: elegraph

                        look at them in the eye and state evenly and cryptically "it suits my purposes" (a potential landlord said that once when asked why he was pouring a new concrete floor in the basement beneath what WOULD have been my unit).

                        ehh it's a small town, they surely know you run a restaurant and you're just filling in the gaps in the pantry. or make something up, people mess with you? you get to mess right back. giggle and say "I know it sounds weird but I am just CRAZY for cilantro, pickle relish and unsalted butter today!" and toss off a dashing smile.

                        1. re: hill food

                          y'know, that's probably the best answer....

                          (another comes to mind -- my best friend's daughter is a horrifically picky eater, although she's getting more open-minded with time. A notoriously busy-body mom asked why my friend's daughter always packed her lunch when there was a perfectly good cafeteria -- my friend stared her down and replied, "Because.")

                          1. re: sunshine842

                            this guy was just creepy and I was thinking fresh corpses...

                            "because" works too.

                              1. re: sunshine842

                                If she wanted to be a little snarkier about it, she could respond, "I suppose some kids just like their parents' cooking better than others."

                            1. re: elegraph

                              A restaurant customer once asked me to pick up all the Kraft Mac and Cheese they had at BJs for his kid's menu and run it out to him. I also picked up some of the Stouffers frozen for my husband while I was at it. I had a U boat full of various Mac and Cheeses!

                              Another customer saw me wheeling it to the check out and just said "Wow you must REALLY like mac and cheese!" I thought that was kinda cute actually.

                              1. re: coll

                                BJ's? Horror of horrors! Are you sure?

                                  1. re: coll

                                    There's a restaurant called BJs?

                                    You're kidding me, that's hilarious!

                                    1. re: ADDLED

                                      BJs is a discount warehouse that is the main competitor of Costco. I'm guessing you don't live in the US ;-) Yes it's a funny name but you get used to it.

                                      1. re: coll

                                        There's also a chain restaurant called BJ/s Brewhouse & Restaurant. Decent food, nothing groundbreaking.

                                        1. re: coll

                                          Why is BJ's a funny name? What else could it mean?