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Apr 25, 2014 02:23 PM

food hunt in nyc?

My husband and I are looking to have some foodie fun on our upcoming nyc trip. I came up with the idea that we can do a sort of scavenger hunt together as an adventure around the city. I know it may sound weird, but that is right up our alley. The idea is to find iconic nyc food spots and have something small in each spot. Here is what I have come up with so far, please add anything you know of whether food or not...

Murray's cheese shop(idk what to sample, but we love cheese)

Jaques Torres chocolates

Dosas in Washington square park

Bagels from Daniels

Oysters from ? Maybe grand central?

We are definitely looking for some more options. Think small bites and street food. This is meant to be an adventure. I really appreciate your help!

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  1. Oh yeah and Russ&daughters and Chelsea market.

    Other options would be the best cup of coffee you fantastic people can recommend, the best dessert in the city, and the best slice of pizza.

    1. I highly recommend RGR's self guided Lower East Side Gustatory tour but sub in Pickle Guys for Guss' Pickles and note that Economy Candy's address is incorrect: - covers R&D, Katz's, etc.

      If you like the idea of RGR's self-guided LES tour above, check these out, too.

      Maybe scoopG's self guided Chinatown tour:

      A West Village food crawl incl Bleecker St and Chelsea Market

      Add on the High Line food vendors for even more fun!

      East Village crawl:

      I think the issue will be more the size of your stomach than anything else... And somewhere to lie down and digest afterwards!

      1. Grand Central Oyster Bar is ok, but I like the service much better (and nearly as fine a selection of bivalves) at Aquagrill.

        Best slice will just start a lot of arguments. But it's hard to beat Motorino's weekday lunch special of a pie and a salad. Slice on your run might be Joe's, on 6th.

        You can have a hot dog standing up at Katz's.

        Head into Eataly off-hours and have a stand-up platter of great salumi.

        1. My favorite thing lately has been the food truck Kwik Meal and also Xian Famous Foods

          1. Try Di Palo's in addition to Murray's Cheese

            Kee's Chocolate instead of Jacques Torres if you're looking for pieces of chocolates or truffles versus cookies/bark, hot chocolate, etc... but not a big fan of Jacques Torres.

            Chola for dosas at lunch, although I prefer the dosas at Temple Canteen in Queens.

            I'd rather eat a doughnut than a bagel. :)

            The oysters are better at Aquagrill than Grand Central Oyster Bar and Aquagrill also has a better curated selection, but I do like the ambiance at GCOB.

            What kind of desserts do you like?