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Apr 25, 2014 12:52 PM

Lunch at Malmaison in Georgetown - Report

The good news here is that the lunch prices are reasonably 'cheapish.' Hard to eat lunch out anywhere for less that doesn't serve on plastic trays. Considering it is French, in Georgetown (all the way down by the boat house on K St) and looks fashionable in the industrial chic manner, it is a big surprise to find prices like these.

The bad news is that 2 of the 3 dishes we ordered were awful - If I had made them I would have tossed them in the trash. The other dish was ok.

The roast chicken was powerfuly salty plus there was nothing good about the skin or even the meat itself.

A Moroccan-inspired steak salad featuring marinated chermoula beef was a bit tough, with spices that were not correct, probably overcooked, and way too much of a harsh vinaigrette. Boom, into the trash.

The dish that was ok was braised ham with lentils. The ham was sliced super thin, more what I would expect for a sandwich. The lentils were well cooked though not great in flavor, but maybe I am too critical since I spent some time in the Auverge.

A napoleon for dessert was an embarassment. I would not be surprised to get this at a Latino bakery in NoVa. The layer of insipid strawberry gelatin made it even worse.

The dinner menu is completely different. As where the lunch is Provincial French, the dinner menu is modern creative. I think highly of Gerard Pangaud's cooking, so I am hoping that it is an entirely different experience.

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  1. Thanks. Are you going to try dinner? Perhaps lunch is a training chief

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    1. re: knitone

      Every time I glance at the dinner menu online, it looks irresistible. So I am pretty sure I will try dinner at some point. But I have to say the lunch was some of the worst food I've had in a long time. Gerard Pangaud was flitting about the dining room.

      By the way, I see I accidently dropped the 'n' in Auvergne, the region in Central France famous for its lentils.

      1. re: Steve

        oh dang and our fingers were trembling, just ready to rip you a new one over that missing 'n'.

        but what can you expect from a place whose name means 'bad house' in English.