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Apr 25, 2014 12:48 PM

Good restaurants for 27 people (I assume in a private dining room)

So I got a request from my favorite cousin-in-law for a good restaurant for his gang of 27 competing in a sailing competition and my response was as follows:
"The best list is the one the Michelin Red Guide has (2 pages long) of "Private dining rooms."
My choice (not in the Michelin) would be Spring run by an American cooking classic French food who has a downstairs room where I had a birthday party for 20.
Another place I like is Au Petit Marguery, and the two places in the Bois de Boulogne (Pre Catalan & Grand Cascade) are terrific depending on the budget; Mediterranee is a very nice less expensive place; cutting edge is Pierre Sang in Oberkampf and Tintilou."
So I've later figured out that most of the above are maxed out at 20 but the Grande Cascade has 5 rooms holding 12-120 and Pre Catalan an astounding 13 for 20-1400 (really?).
Later today it occured to me that the Maison de l'Amerique Latine (Where I have eaten great meals at this Spring) has about 5 rooms facing the garden which expand and contract to easily fit 12-50.
Other ideas for my crack sailing friends?

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  1. The top floor of Au Bouclier de Bacchus.

    1. Great idea; sounds familiar.

      1. Or chartering the whole Abri.
        But Bouclier's ambiance would be more conducive to whooping it up.
        And possibly one side of Chez Casimir.

        1. Maceo has four private toons, three of which will do 20+.

          1. I am warming more and more to the idea of suggesting they privatizie a place or part of one - like the superb place I ate at today - Le Toubillion in the 17th which has room for 22 in the back and another several in the corridor towards the front.