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Apr 25, 2014 12:35 PM

Op Ed Tuesday NYT: Queens Diversity and Eating

Tomorrow’s America, in Queens, just last week's NYT (APRIL 21, 2014), is an excellent article that gives some interesting historical facts regarding how the New York World’s Fair Flushing Meadows, and the Immigration Act just after, in 1965, both gave rise the area's diversity. Below is the article.

On my last visit I had gourmet food from an Ecuadorian street vendor. That was under the tracks, on the way up from Jackson Heights to Corona......or to Flushing actually.

Then in Flushing, the Red Bowl (潮州 chaozhou), was the real deal for Chinese food. Of course it is 潮州 chaozhou in name only, for their menu is quite diverse. Thus said, chaozhou food (潮州菜), from a gucheng 古城 or old city that goes by that name, west of canton or Guangzhou, can be found on the menu.

If one begins at Fresh Ponds, walk to Grand Ave and then Broadway, and then up through Elmhurst, and keep going, one gets at first Polish and Italian and then all the rest.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Interesting write up.

      I was referring the the op ed, and my recent walk from jackson heights to flushing, then down from Elmhurst to Fresh Ponds.

      From the most north point it was Chinese food, at Red Bowl, my favored spot in Flushing. At Fresh ponds it was a 3 dollar Presidente in a dominican place, blood sausage (see photo) in a Polish place I should do a write up about....etc.

    2. thanks for the history lesson but there was really nothing in that Oped piece about food, except this:

      "Esquire dismissed the majority of foreign pavilions at Flushing Meadow as geopolitical “small potatoes.” "

      I went about 50 times over the 2 years but I don't remember the food.

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      1. re: el jefe

        The food comes from the reference to geographic representation in the area since the 1965 immigration act, and the results of that today.

        Can't say the same for other places in NYC, quite the same.