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SF Dish of the Month (May 2014) - Nominations/Voting

As usual, let's skip the nomination round, and just combine everything into a single discussion. Feel free to include a sales pitch with any nominations.

Click the recommend button to vote for existing nominees. You can change your mind up until the deadline. You can also nominate a new dish by replying to this message, in UPPER CASE, with its name.

Lots of suggestions last month got multiple votes, so they reappear as nominees below. Also, note this map showing an absence of southern hemisphere foods in past DOTM's (Margin of error=24,901 miles) https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=...

Voting will be open until Wednesday April 30th at 5 PM PST.

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Pie: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/918844
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  1. SOONDUBU JIGAE (Korean soft tofu stew)


                1. LATIN AMERICAN EMPANADAS (including Mexico, Caribbean, Meso America and South America)

                      1. re: hyperbowler

                        May is probably the best shot for Zongzi this year, since some places make them seasonally for Duanwujie (Dragon Boat Festival). Duanwujie falls on June 2, and they're more likely to be available before that date than after.

                        1. re: soupçon

                          If this is chosen as DOTM, it will require some sleuthing and hitting the street to find zongzi, let alone a good one. I hope that the six people (so far) who have voted for it are ready to do so. It's pretty disappointing that none of the seven people who voted for posole as April's DOTM have reported any finds, as noted here,

                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                            Melanie: What I am REALLY missing is Grandma's Peranakan Bak Chang, made with pork belly and sugared winter melon or tong tong kwa. With hers, you do not bite into a mouthful of pork fat. That is so gross!

                            Guess if I really want some badly enough, I would have to view a lot of Utube videos and make my own.

                            1. re: Melanie Wong

                              Off the top of my head, places in the South Bay that offer joong year-round include Joy Luck in Cupertino (at lunch, in the cheung fun cart, not to be confused with law-mai-gai) and all branches of Cooking Papa (item A1, $9.50).

                              There's also the Shanghai form of it, which I've seen at Little Shanghai in San Mateo and Shanghai Bistro in Millbrae. Other Shanghai places like Shanghai Dumpling Shop likely offer it too.

                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                I voted AND posted on posole (a brief but passionate shout-out in support of Patricia Unterman's endorsement of Cosecha's version!).

                                That said, I've always felt we should encourage folks to vote, whether they post or not (there have been months I've voted but not posted for a whole host of reasons, ranging from wanting to read others' posts to learn more about an unfamiliar but appealing dish before trying/reporting on it myself to being out of town).

                                1. re: sundeck sue

                                  I am curious why you feel that folks who do not plan to participate in seeking out the dish of the month or who do not post at all should be encouraged to vote.

                                  Sure, life happens and we can't always do what we intend. By voting, one is imposing personal preferences on the larger group. The risk I see is that the people who do plan to go out and explore lose time and time again to the spectators and just give up. We miss out on their participation. Then we wind up with nothing in the end for the voting spectators to read and no one's interests are served.

                                2. re: Melanie Wong

                                  I hope this month's dotm gets more love. Threads like these are much more interesting if there are many who are tasting and debating the merits/ nuances of different versions available. With only 25 replies in a month, I am not sure whether there just aren't enough interest in the dish or whether there aren't enough interest in the current format.

                                  1. re: ckshen

                                    Yes, the real problem when we step back from the discussion of who votes and why is actually the lack of participation. We need to figure out what will encourage more to take part, whether it's the format, subject, or whatever.

                              1. RHUBARB (sweet or savory, though I am guessing sweet is more likely)

                                  1. ZONGZI aka JOONG aka CHINESE TAMALES are the May 2014 DOTM! Glad to see a seasonal treat again (corned beef, cucumber pickles, and tamales are others)

                                    Reporting thread: