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Apr 25, 2014 12:02 PM

Noodlicious Is Gone

I just drove by Noodlicious in Edison and found that it was not only closed, but with a new sign saying it would reopen with a new name and new ownership in a few weeks.

This is a terrible blow for fans of Taiwanese food in New Jersey!

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  1. That's really a shame. Their noodle dishes were excellent, it was a great place for something quick, different, and reasonable.

    1. I think Edison is reaching a level of oversaturation with certain types of restaurants...especially noodle places. So many places serving up noodle soups now!

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      1. re: joonjoon


        The sad part is that it's the best places that close.

      2. is it possible the new place will serve the same kind of cuisine? That place does decent business so I am kind of surprised that it is closed.

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        1. re: yCf

          Cuisine? Certainly, it's possible. It's the quality and atmosphere that is unlikely to be reproduced.

        2. It looks like a new restaurant , Edison Noodle House,is opening where Noodlicious was.

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          1. re: BigGeorge

            That was the name of the Korean place on Old Post that was replaced by China Dumpling and Noodle.