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Apr 25, 2014 11:08 AM

Spam Attack........!!!!

For those of you who just witnessed the quick spam attack, (nice job Mod's cleaning that mess up) I have a question for those of you, well all of you, who are smarter than I.

The spam attack was nothing more than someone with the handle WASTE posting an odd sequence of repeating numbers, something like this;

597jj 597jj 597jj 597jj 597jj 597jj 597jj

What is the purpose of this? I understand spam to promote a product, but what does posting a random sequence of numbers/letters do? Is it coordinates to the mother planet? Can someone explain?


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  1. Sorry, jr. If we tell you.....

    ......well, you know.

    1. Jr., It is a new reference to a certain sexual position. Kind of like how some use the numbers 69.