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Apr 25, 2014 11:03 AM

Ferrarini Products at Costco Alhambra

At Costco to pick up some supplies and an oasis in a sea of our nightmare...Ferrarini.

Can't speak for other LA/OC-area Costco's, but Ferrarini products featured at Costco Alhambra. Make sure you call your local store before braving that soul robber of an experience. Selling cotto, mortadella, salami, tiramisu, provolone, and butter. Shoved by no fewer than seven children from different families lunging for tiramisu.

The vendor said they are sampling through today. Not sure how long they'll stock the products.

Stocked up on butter which is a little lighter than I expected. Probably winter butter. Provolone was pretty tasty too.

Bring a taser.

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  1. Silly (but genuine) question: I assume Ferrarini products are really good? I know nothing about the brand.

    FWIW, other Costco's generally don't involve as much, er, jostling as the one in Alhambra....

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    1. re: ilysla

      fwiw, the cultured butter is something extraordinary. extra funk, and extra fat.

      worth being shoved by little devil's spawns.

      1. re: ilysla

        What Costco do you go to?

        The Costco's we frequent are Fountain Valley, Tustin, Laguna Hills, Honolulu Iwilei, Hawaii Kai, Salt Lake City, Los Feliz, Burbank, and Alhambra.

        Tustin, SLC, and Alhambra being the easiest. Iwilei being the worst.

        In this case, it was really the popularity of Ferraini's sample food stand.

        1. re: revets2

          Haven't been to one for many months since I don't need foods (or much of anything) in bulk very often.

          Grew up going to the Alhambra one. Always very, er, stressful. The Van Nuys one on Sunday morning was surprisingly quiet (for a Costco). Not a fan of going there otherwise. The parking lot is... confusing.

          Only been to the MDR one 1-2 times. Parking lot is fairly logically laid out, although the checkout lines were of course very long. But maneuvering around inside didn't seem too horrendous otherwise.

          Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say that there's necessarily a GIGANTIC difference. But, for me, Alhambra sets the bar for stress-inducing.

          1. re: ilysla

            The Costco's most convenient to us are LF and Burbank. We trek to Alhambra because it's Burke Williams compared to those.

            1. re: revets2

              It must have a lot to do with when one goes. Alhambra is a several miles closer to be than Burbank but I'd much rather go to the latter so as not to deal with the Alhambra parking lot.

              That, and Burbank has about double the wine selection!

              1. re: Jack Flash

                Burbank's wine section is awesome indeed. Way better than Los Feliz!

                Bu sadly, way far from Fosselman's : (

              2. re: revets2

                Alhambra Costco is good because you can go to Fosselman's right after you pickup a warm churros from the Costco food court.

                Warm churros + Chocolate Chip Ice Cream = Good Saturday Afternoon

              3. re: ilysla

                I've been to a few Costcos. The easiest one I've been to is the Irwindale/Asuza outlet. Seems more organized and less crowded.

            2. re: ilysla

              The butter transforms toast and anything else it touches. Maybe it will transform you.

            3. I've never heard of Ferrarini products. What makes them so good?

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              1. re: bringiton

                They ain't got no distractions, don't hear no buzzers or bells.

                1. re: ozhead

                  Don't see no lights a flashing.

                2. re: bringiton

                  Careful and responsible food people. Taste and find out.

                3. Thanks for posting. I first tried their products at the Los Feliz location a year or so ago. I've been lucky enough to catch them about 3 times and will stock up on their butter if I can find them at the LF location. I love their tiramisu as well. FYI, they also have a little shop/deli in Beverly Hills

                  9622 Brighton Way
                  Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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                  1. re: MariaFeliz

                    Not checked the pricing on all products, but the butter is 20% cheaper than the shop. That may or may not be worth the Costco effort for some. It wouldn't be for me, but we happen to be there.

                    Also, some of the meats are packed so you can freeze and just pull a few slices. Handy!

                    1. re: MariaFeliz

                      Isn't that sweet that the did not forget the needy in Beverly Hills!

                    2. Do they have a tasting/location schedule posted?

                      1. I was wondering how the prices compare to those at the Ferrarini store in the BH Triangle, on Brighton. I eat at the store pretty often; they make panninis to order with a nice variety of meats, cheeses and spreads. The store sells the very wide variety of meats and pastas, and other non-Ferrarini branded Italian products as well (pastas, oils, jarred peppers, etc.). And there's a nice counter of baked goods - breads, pastry and cookies; I'm a sucker for the almond cookies.