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Apr 25, 2014 09:24 AM

Simple Fish House in SW CT

I'm looking for a seafood restaurant for dinner tonight in the Stamford Norwalk area that serves the freshest seafood simply prepared. Not looking for "gourmet" presentations just fresh seafood simply prepared served in ample portions. Anything exist like that around here? Thanks!

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  1. Nola in norwalk or the Whelk in westport seem like appropriate places

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      The Whelk & their other restaurant Le Farm are both great but not my idea of a "simple fish house". Apparently they don't exist around here anymore which is understandable because good seafood is so expensive.

    2. If you'll consider Westport>
      Westfair Fish and Chips, Simple, but does broiled as well as fried

      1. Try the new F.I.S.H. in Stamford on Bedford St.

        And of course there's always the pricey, clubbie, but nonetheless delicious Rowayton Seafood.

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          Tried FISH last night. Here's my Yelp review:

          Had dinner @ FISH last evening. The also own Quattro Pazzi next door. Since I have to watch my carbohydrate intake I have to fill up on the other two, protein & fat. So many seafood restaurants serve a small portion of seafood on top of an elaborabe preparion of vegetables, grains, etc. I have been looking for a restaurant that serves generous portions of excellent seafood, simply prepared like an old school fish house. This restaurnt comes close. The food is excellent but five medium sea scallops over sauteed spinach wasn't enough food for me. I realize that good seafood is expensive but I would have liked more scallops. I had an oyster sampler that was good and my wife had a seafood chowder that, once she added salt & pepper, was very tasty. This is an upscale joint and @ 7:30 on a Friday night both the bar and dining room were filled and a tad too noisy. We had to lean forward to talk/hear the person accross the table. I don't know why so many trendy restaurants use all hard surfaces with nothing to absord the sound. They need to adress the noise issue. If I was judging food alone I would give FISH four stars.

        2. Second that last. They are open on Post Rd. just North of the airport in the Ann and Hope lot. You can not miss the classic(?) Rock Point d├ęcor.

          Haven't been yet. The weather has to improve first as there is only outdoor seating.

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            What are you posting about?

            Did you mean to reply to another thread.

            Post Rd north of the airport in the Ann and Hope Lot.....

            Certainly NOT in SW Connecticut

          2. I plan to try F.I.S.H. in Stamford soon. Another place I was told to try just over the NY border in Rye Is Morgans fish House.
   Anyone ever eat there?

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              Morgans Fish House has very little to remind you of the coast, but the food is quite good. Only problem is that it is noisy. We did celebrate a family birthday there last year and everyone was happy with the food.

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                I plan to check out Morgans soon.