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Apr 25, 2014 09:05 AM

Tuscany Food Recommendations

We will be in Italy for ~2 weeks in late May. Looking for recommendations in and around the areas we will be staying (any meal, any price, etc). The one twist is that we will have an 18 month old with us so that rules out certain options. We will have a car so day trips are possible.

Montalcino (4 days)
Vicchio (4 days)
Reggio Emilia (3 days) -- Day trips to Parma/Modena by either train/car


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  1. Do not miss lunch at Hosteria Giusti in Modena. Four tables. Excellent food and wine. Mario Batali says if you eat in Italy this is the place.

    1. This thread might have some useful information.

      1. Its very good and I agree with the recommendation if in Modena but that simply creates a ridicuously high level of expectation. We have had plenty of meals in Italy that were as good as our meal at Giusti.

        there have also been some recent threads in Emilia-Romagna - you might look perticularly for some meal reports by Allende, ekc and others in that region.