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Good Grills for Ocean Air?

I'm purchasing a new grill for a deck on a marina. I previously had a Weber S-620 6-Burner but I had issues with rust. I loved the grill but spending that much money only to have it rust is causing me to look for another brand. I did a little research and found out this is a consistent problem with Weber, although I haven't had much success finding a solution... With the humidity and constant submersion in sea air, is there a brand that is more rust-proof on the market?

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  1. Sounds like you want a big grill, but could you do with one of the ones designed for boats and made of stainless steel?

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      Most of the time I'm using the grill, it's when I'm cooking for a group of people, so I loved the size of my Weber. But, I would definitely give up the convenience of size for one that is all stainless... Being out on my deck, it might as well be on a boat. Can you recommend any brands I can check out?

    2. I have a Jackson Grill its all stainless including the burners and the grate.

      1. I think these look good:

        For what it's worth, I really like the charcoal one :-)

        1. I live on a barrier island & gas grills last from 1-3 yrs my Egg has lasted 20.

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            I have a BGE (10 yrs) and love it. Many claim the THIN stainless bands other manufactures use are better. Your 20 years in one of the most corrosive environments known would indicate the THICK powder coated steel band is more than sufficient.

            You should take pictures and send them to BGE. Can't buy better advertising than that :-)

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              I live on the coast too and my bge still is perfect after 8 years!!!

            2. What is your budget? Grills made in the USA with thick high grade SS can go well into the $1000's.

              Weber's do seem to have pretty even heat and replacement parts (igniters, grates & flame deflector bars) are readily available and drop right in.

              Cheap big box store grills, even if stainless, don't last under normal circumstances let alone on a dock surrounded by salt water.

              1. Rustproof, with Big Green Egg which is ceramic sure is.

                1. The problem with the Weber is that it's not all stainless. An all stainless grill of quality is going to run you probably $3,000 or more. I have a Kitchenaid that's all stainless, it's a relatively small grill and was $3,000 and more for many of the high end all stainless grills. Lynx, DCS, are both good brands.

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                    Its not just whether its all stainless, but what quality stainless. Generally, you get what you pay for. As you say, several thousand $'s is ball park for really high quality stuff and even that will eventually lose the battle to extreme salt air.

                  2. Portable Kitchen is cast aluminum.

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                      Just saw this. Would not have posted.

                    2. Portable Kitchen. Cast aluminum. Can't go wrong. love mine. Built like little bank vaults.

                      1. Firemagic, cast burners with lifetime warranty, 16g stainless grids and made in the US. Pricey, but very well made. There's a thread on gardenweb that shows cross sections of burner tubes from many grills, the Firemagic is by far the most robust.