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Apr 25, 2014 08:17 AM

124th Street dinner in Edmonton: Rge. Rd. or North 53

My wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary in a couple of weeks and although we have dined well during out of town trips,[Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle] do not get out as often as we used to here in our own home town.

We are thinking of trying one of these spots as we do not want to venture right into downtown so that eliminates, Sabor Divino, Hardware, etc.


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  1. Both of their menu's are online if that helps. The food at North 53 is some of the most innovative and interesting I've had in Edmonton but I think they need to work on the service side some more.

    I've only been to Rge Rd once and unfortunately the pork main was overcooked and tough. The charcuterie plate was served with a sausage bread that while it tasted really good on it's own, mixing sausage flavoured bread with other cured meats didn't work.

    Since I care about the food more than service I'd vote North 53 but I think you'd be happy with either choice.

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    1. re: rob1234

      Thank you Rob.

      After going through the respective menus and winel lists I am "torn"....may just end up flipping a coin..

      1. re: Bob Mac

        It is a tough call. I have eaten at Rge Rd twice and North 53 once and all three were amazing meals. I think either one is an excellent choice.

        If you do end up going to Rge Rd, I suggest the Rge Rd Trip. It makes for an interesting meal with each course being a surprise.

        Both have good cocktails, but I think the ones at North 53 are especially interesting.