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Another FANTASTIC Time!

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What a great time of year to visit New Orleans! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious & the drinks were cold! Here is a rundown:
1. Cochon Butcher-kept reading about the muffalettas so we had to go. Loved it!
2. Cooter Brown's-plump & juicy (and cheap!) crawfish. Ate till we were plump!
3. Stopped for HR at the Columns-such a classy place with friendly folks
4. Also did HR's at Luke & Carousel Bar
5. Breakfast at Camillia Grille in the FQ-can never finish the whole thing! They are now called NOLA Grill. I asked the owner & he said the owner of the one in the Garden District soley owns the Camillia name so he had to change their name to NOLA Grill. Same staff & food, so it didn't change anything.
6. Felix's for char-grilled oysters. OK-so anyone who reads my posts knows that I have always been a fan of this delicious dish. HOWEVER, they are totally different from the way Felix's used to serve them (last time I had them was 2 years ago). The topping consists mainly of dry breadcrumbs-there is no parmesan cheese & I couldn't even smell any garlic. Also, the plate was dry meaning there was no juice dripping from the oysters. Such a disappointment!
7. Coquette for their 3 course lunch. I have to admit we were very pleased at our choice for lunch. The shrimp & grits dish was fantastic as was the dessert of lemon merengue with strawberry sorbet.
5. Criollo's-everything I've read on CH about the shrimp-blue crab & avocado tower is true. So delicious!!! Could have had 3 of them by myself.
On a non-food topic-why didn't any of you tell me how much fun NOLA is during Easter???? The Chris Owens parade was out of this world! We will definitely visit again during Easter...

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  1. Yes, Easter Sunday was insane. I was surprised as well

    Funny, we had the total opposite experience with Felix's Chargrilled Oysters. I only had them at Drago's before and I actually thought Felix's were better. Def less frill, almost no cheese, but just enough lemon and butter to make them sing. We enjoyed them

    Glad you had a great trip

    1. Each time that I've had their chargrilled oysters, I have been thrilled. But this time was not one of those times unfortunately...

      Glad your trip was nice too!