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Apr 25, 2014 07:22 AM

Pizza in South Slope for Saturday lunch

I was sad but not surprised to see that Giuseppina's is not open for lunch on Saturdays and am looking for an alternative. My absolute favorite pizza is Di Fara, but I do enjoy Lucali and Giuseppina's. We are going to be in the neighborhood and I just don't know anything about the alternatives. Any suggestions? We will be a group including kids who specifically want pizza. Thanks!

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  1. You should give Toby's Public House a try. Their pizza is very good. I think it should be okay for kids on a Saturday afternoon. It's both a bar and restaurant, and it definitely gets crowded.

    1. Second vote for Toby's. Like their pizza more than Giuseppina's.

      1. Toby's is only one block south from Giuseppina. It is a bit different with smaller more varied pizzas but the pizzas are all very good and it does open at noon on Friday - Sunday. It has a very good selection of beer on tap.