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Apr 25, 2014 06:09 AM

Mimico, New Toronto & Long Branch restaurants - revised thread!

Hopefully we can continue sharing our favourite haunts and new discoveries in the South Etobicoke - Lake Shore area.

Newer finds? Old favourites? The area has seen some big changes in the past year or two, what do you like?

We enjoyed out first meal at GoodLake (2976 Lake Shore) on Friday night, about a week after their soft opening. It was excellent. My mate had the hangar steak and frites, sooo tender and spot-on medium rare as requested. I had the braised beef short ribs in a red wine reduction, with parsnip purée and confit potatoes. Superb. For dessert: bananas foster creme brûlée, served in a small ramekin. I personally didn't enjoy it much, far too much vanilla-booziness for my liking, and the sliced bananas were cold, I'm guessing because the creme brûlée wouldn't set properly at a warm temp. Coffee is served in 16 or 20 oz. chemex, they use Pilot coffee. Too weak for our tastes but not bad tasting. Oddly it's poured into small glasses.
Atmosphere is quite lovely. Reclaimed barn wood walls, pressed copper/tin type wainscotting along one wall, Edison bulb pendant lighting, beautiful wood tables and chairs, cozy diamond plush booth seating. A small bar at one end. Service is friendly and efficient. We're looking forward to trying the monkfish stew and perch dishes next. Definitely recommended, a great asset to the area!

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  1. As per twitter, Caplansky's and The Pie Commission are creating a menu item that consists of four ingredients. I'm excited to see what they have in mind.

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    1. re: fryerlover

      Oooo me too! Just tried Pie Commission last night, first time. Took 4 fresh savouries to bake at home plus a strawberry rhubarb crumble. The braised beef rib was really nice. The butter chicken and beef n beer await in my freezer! Wonder what that collaboration will bring?

      1. re: zukeeper

        Apparently the new pie creation with Caplansky's is going to be a Reuben.

        1. re: zukeeper

          Pie Commish has a lovely huge selection of sweet and fruit pies. The brandy peach crumble is a knockout. Wow.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            I used to love to walk over to the Pie Commission, mainly because of the great food, but also the window was one of the only places around for being able to stop by on a walk with the dog. Haven't been in a while and didn't realize they weren't using the window anymore - makes sense with the weather. Only when I tried to stick my head in the door to see if I could still pick something up, I was immediately asked to leave.

            Now, no problem, I get that there are food rules and I had the dog. But the shop is two metres square and there was no one else there. Your conversation was so interesting you couldn't hand me a pie and take the money? So disappointed, I was all excited to try the Fall squash pie or the Caplansky's.

        2. re: fryerlover

          More Than Pies is a lovely bake shop next to Thrive. From loaf cakes to squares to savoury breakfast bread puddings to cookies to scones to pies, it's well worth a visit.

          I enjoyed the zucchini loaf on a recent visit, along with pumpkin pie shortbread squares.

        3. La Vinia (near FBI Pizza) on Lakeshore between Royal York & Parklawn. Great tapas and seafood, and a nice vibe. The owner makes an effort to drop by each table, and even offer an aperitif.

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          1. re: 5andman

            How does it compare to say, Casa Barcelona or the downtown Spanish places like Carmen or Torito?

            1. re: Food Tourist

              It compares very well. I would stack them between Carmen+Torito (top) and Casa.

              1. re: 5andman

                Then that does sound promising for La Vinia. I wonder why they don't get more attention from the big reviewers.

          2. I have a question about this thread. Are people interested in only hearing about places along Lakeshore? If not, what will be the boundry. When I lived on Lakeshore and I wanted something close by, I preferred not to go further north than Queensway. But others may want up to Dundas. I might be good to create bourndires and add get it added into OP's post. Just a thought.

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            1. re: fryerlover

              I'm interested in hearing about places that borders up to Queensway as well.

              1. re: fryerlover

                Headslap! Totally missed designating a zone for this thread, my apologies. I can't figure out how to edit my original post, so until I about this:

                From: Parklawn to Brownsline, Lakeshore to Queensway.

                1. re: zukeeper

                  Home sweet home...........Ohhhh, how I miss it and those borders. I'm in the burbs now but I still work in the area and my heart is still in the area.
                  My dad kept in line with those boarders as well many years ago. Nothing past The Queensway.

                  1. re: zukeeper

                    The best food in that zone is probably Mezza Lebanese. Consistent, fresh, and tasty.

                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      Mezza is closed. Now in it's place is Oh Na Japanese.

                      I had Mezza three times and the last two, the food was wayyyyy oversalted to the point that I threw it out. When I called to ask about the amount of salt in the food I was advised that Lebanses cook with a lot of salt which was news to me. I thought the main spices were lemon, parsley and olive oil. I would not reccomend Mezza, although I don't have to as they are gone.

                        1. re: fryerlover

                          yup same here. Soo salty. Oh well.
                          Also, the assertion that Lebanese cuisine is normally salty is nonsense.

                  2. Thanks for the review on Goodlake. I can't wait to try it and I'm liking what they're bringing to the area. I'm also liking that they are using a local coffee roaster too.

                    Let's hope that Sense Appeal will have the same quality products as their downtown location.

                    My only old favourite is the apple fritters at San Remos.

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                    1. re: archive

                      Sense Appeal is launching a new food menu on December 1st. If you sign up your email address in either store, you can be chosen as a 3-item food tester.

                      1. re: Food Tourist

                        Sense Appeal KEEPS changing things: menu, lunch, hours, credit card machine. They make my head spin. I give up on updating this thread with their crazy whims.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          I wonder if their business has suffered somewhat since the TD Bank closed - a lot less foot traffic in that block now.

                          1. re: ElizabethS

                            Sad to say it looks like you're correct. I went on the weekend to find a sign on their door saying that they no longer have hours open to the public and are only serving as a prep kitchen for their downtown location. They say they may revisit hours with the arrival of spring. Despite their constantly changing everything, I did love having them in the neighbourhood and hope they return when the snow melts.

                    2. Places that I have tried, really enjoyed and would return to: Woody's on Lakeshore makes great wood fired burgers. The Pie Commission, Buon Giorno Caffe & Panini, Kumo Japanese, New Toronto Fish & Chips, Maurya East Indian Roti, Burrito Boyz, Brown Sugar and Bua Thai to name a few.

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                      1. re: fryerlover

                        Sorry to repeat, but I do not recommend Kumo nor Woody's. Inconsistent, hit-or-miss, and Kumo is downright dirty which is unforgivable for a sushi place.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          hahaha, I did not realize I put Kumo in my reply. NIX that! Yes, it has gone downhill and I will attempt to edit my post to remove it. I meant Kaji Sushi

                          Woody's I've never had inconsistency with and I think they make great burgers.

                          1. re: fryerlover

                            I have to agree with Food Tourist about Woody's. It's okay, but nothing I'd particularly recommend unless you happen to be in the immediate area and have a burger craving. I'll admit that I'm a burger purist and I'm not particularly crazy about places that mix spices and/or other stuff into their patties. I also find the burgers there to be a bit dryer than I'd like.

                            1. re: Michael N

                              Now that I think about it, it has been about two years since I last ate there so maybe I should not comment on a place I have not eaten at recently.

                              I also have not tried all the other burger places such as Burger's Priest so I don't have much to compare it to other than homemade and fast food. I might not have enough burger experience to comment much. My tastebuds liked it though, however I'm not a burger purest or much of a burger eater for that matter so maybe I should not comment at all on

                              If I ever do get back there though, now that you mentioned dry and mixed spices, I'll be aware to look for that. Thanks for the input as I'm always trying to expand my taste and judge skills.

                              1. re: fryerlover

                                This is a good comment. Thank you for your humility and honesty, fryer lover!

                                1. re: Food Tourist

                                  Food Tourist I've been nothing but honest since I started posting on Chowhound.

                                  While I'm not a burger purest, I still say it's a must try place. They source locally, as far as I am aware make all sides/condiments in house from scratch, cook fresh made in house patties on a wood fired grill with a ridiculous amount of options for burgers/condiments/sides and are licensed. I'm all about the attitude of trying as many different foods at as many different restaurants as possible even if I do get some misses.

                                2. re: fryerlover

                                  I take back my " I might not have enough burger experience to comment much" comment, cause I have another
                                  I'm not sure what's up with Woody's, however two co-workers just went and can't stop raving about it.

                                  It must be either different strokes for different folks or they have hit and miss days.