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Apr 25, 2014 05:46 AM

Thermapen users: how do YOU clean the probe after inserting it in meat that's not done

Just wondering if everyone uses the wipes they sell or some other kind of spray cleaner or sponge and dish soap or what.

I haven't yet come up with the perfect answer :(

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    1. I bought a box of wipes from the Thermapen web site...they were not expensive at all.

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        Did the same, they're really handy.

      2. For home use, I just run it under hot water, maybe a little dish soap, wipe with a paper towel. The probe is stainless steel, so it's not going to absorb anything.

        The wipes look like they would be a good idea if you are using it in a food service environment or outside away from a kitchen.

        1. I keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol under the sink, and use a paper towel dipped in it to wipe the thermometer probe after it's been in meat.

          1. I don't remember cleaning if it's if it's beef or pork

            if it's chicken, I wash with fresh hot soapy sponge and rinse with water