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Apr 25, 2014 05:09 AM

adding lethicin to felafel?

I was advised to add lecithin to any baked felafel recipe .Has anyone ever did this and how does it help? Thank you

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  1. Hi scunge,

    People usually add lecithin to foods as an emulsifier. In some recipes it can act like an egg substitute, so maybe you were advised to add it as a binder. But most falafel recipes don't use egg and still come out great. I would just skip it.

    Most lecithin sold in food stores is soy lecithin. It's extracted using the chemical hexane and presents a host of other problems as well. If you really want to put lecithin in your falafel, you might want to try to find a natural sunflower lecithin, like this one:

    Alternately, here's a vegan fried falafel recipe that's really good:

    And here's a baked one:

    If the texture of your falafels was weird, it makes a huge difference if you use dried chickpeas rather than canned. You don't boil them, just soak them, grind them with other stuff, then fry them.

    Good luck.

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