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How long will a Quiche last in the fridge?

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I have a quiche that's been in the fridge 6-7 days. It was store bought (from Whole Foods), frozen and thawed in the fridge. (It thawed the first day.) It still looks and smells fine...do you think it's ok to eat, or should I toss it?

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  1. I'm not usually one to advise throwing food out on over-cautious health grounds that are often mentioned on this board. But I reckon that a quiche has well and truly had it after a week. It's not something that improves with age even if it may not be technically "off".

    1. Custard is one of those foods you have to be careful with. I would have put it back in the freezer days ago.

      1. "...been in the fridge 6-7 days."

        Don't understand how that's possible. If I had a quiche in the fridge, it wouldn't last 1 day.

        Probably safe. Warm a small slice and eat. If you don't have problems within a half hour or hour you're good to go.

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          Food poisoning usually takes 8 hours to 3 days to show its ugly face.

        2. That's about twice as long as recommended storage time. I'd toss it.

          1. eggs and cheese after week? Out it goes.