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Apr 24, 2014 09:15 PM

NH Lakes Region

Any new not to be missed restaurants in the lakes region in the last couple of years? Hopefully we'll be up there again this year and would love to try new places. Where do we go for the best lobster roll now?

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  1. Lobster rolls: we stopped going to the Tamarack near Weirs Beach several years ago. Wonder if it has improved. It used to be a favorite weekend drive destination. We try to get to Red Hill Dairy at least once every summer. The Dipsy Doodle in Northfield has a small parking lot but we liked their lobster rolls even if not fresh picked.

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      You know lobster's not a lake fish... right? ;)

      (teasing, I'm teasing)

      One of the things I enjoyed there is Kellerhaus. You buy your ice cream then there's a big bar of toppings you can build your own sundae from. It is way too easy to go overboard with the toppings but it's fun. They also have a candy shop.

      I ate at a BBQ place right on the road for Weirs Beach (where the train goes by) and Crazy Gringos. It's been a few years but they were both adequate to the needs but I wouldn't call them "must try".

      We're usually there visiting FunSpot for the day, so great food isn't usually the focus. :)

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        What? surly you Jest. I always get my lobster from the lake. :)