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Apr 24, 2014 05:49 PM

Weekend in Durham

Visiting Durham for the AOC festival this weekend and need some dining

There are supposed to be food trucks at several venues..which area food trucks are most worthy, especially given the expected crowds.

As an alternate plan what are good Durham downtown restaurants. Finally where is a good place to grab Sunday brunch either in Durham or near the fairgrounds in Raleigh.


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  1. Food truck: KoKyu

    Resto: For fine dining, Mateo or Revolution. More casual, maybe Toast or Monuts. You can pick up some worth-the-trip sweet bites at Scratch, Daisy Cakes, and The Parlour.

    Sunday Brunch: Gugelhupf, Foster's, or Parker & Otis.

    1. Food truck wise.. Kokyu, meatball truck, and porchetta as far as the money for food goes. Maybe meltdown but its grilled cheese for crying out loud.

      Brunch is good just about anywhere in Durham.. Rue Cler, Vin Rouge, Parker and Otis, Daisycakes (tiny), Dame's Chicken and Waffles and Gugelhupf. Monuts Donuts is good too but they will be crowded as are most places. You can get some nice treats at Loaf which is down the street from Monuts. I'm not too familiar with the fairgrounds area as there isn't much right there but you can drive to Indian food not far from it or Neomonde.

      Durham downtown is about the same as brunch list may be. Revolution, Dames, Vin Rouge, Rue Cler, Toast (sandwiches), Mateo

      1. Strong second for KoKyu and Mateo. I would stay in Durham for Sunday brunch and do Scratch or Rue Cler. You would want a reservation at the latter. The other suggestions mentioned are good as well. I'll also throw in Rose's Meat & Sweet Market, which has incredible pastries and a very small lunch/dinner menu, but no seating.

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          Geer Street Garden, just off of downtown Durham, also does a good Sunday brunch - great outdoor eating as the weather is supposed to be good.

        2. The brunch places mentioned here are good but I'd suggest a reservation if you can get one - all of them tend to be packed for Sunday brunch.