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Apr 24, 2014 05:39 PM

International food store

There is an unbelievable store in NY called Kalustyans with a huge selection of spices and food (20 kinds of rice, 20 beans, all manor of spices) from all over the world, primarily from the Far East. Is there any place like this in Chicago

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    1. There are several such places in the Chicago area, some in the city, others in the suburbs. HMart, mentioned above, has a location in west suburban Naperville as well as the one in northwest suburban Niles. Mitsuwa Marketplace is in northwest suburban Arlington Heights. In the city, there are many Indian/Pakistani stores on the North Side along Devon Avenue, the biggest of which is the Patel Brothers store at 2610 W. Devon.

      1. We do it here by neighborhood as well as by store. 1) Devon Avenue has Indian/Pakistani---try Patel's. 2) Argyle Street and adjacent Broadway have Asian. 3) Shop & Save at S Archer & Linder is like going to Poland. 4) Tony's Finer Foods (there are several branches) is a huge Hispanic supermarket. In addition, small mama-and-papa stores are specific to neighborhood, for example a Swedish deli and grocery in Andersonville, a Persian store in Andersonville, Middle Eastern Grocery and Bakery in Andersonville, Caputo's (Italian) at Fullerton & Harlem, a Lithuanian store on S Archer, Korean stores along Lawrence, and small African stores in Uptown. Once you get to know the specific offerings of each, you will find unique products there that you can't find anywhere else in town.

        1. Fresh Farms in Niles also has a large selection of International products (Russian, Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern). The (relatively) nearby H-Mart is primarily Korean although it features a variety of Asian products.

          1. Several places in the near northern suburbs have large selections of international products. In addition to Fresh Farms in Niles, they include Produce World in Morton Grove and Skokie ( ), and Market Place on Oakton in Skokie ( ). However, these are not nearly as big as HMart or Mitsuwa, and are not Asian-specific like those (Mitsuwa specializes in Japanese products, although it too features a variety of Asian items).