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Apr 24, 2014 05:23 PM

Guy's weekend in Seattle?

For a significant birthday celebration, my brother and I are coming to Seattle for a three day weekend in September. Looking for some Chowhound advice.

* scored two tickets to the NFL opener, Seahawks vs Packers. Any must eat/drink offerings at Centurylink field?
* we will be staying near Pike Place with no car. Would love to learn about fun and delicious options for seafood, regional specialties and Asian options nearby. Our preferred mode is to sit at the bar and work our way through the menu and wine list in a friendly, not too formal environment.
* to give guidance, some of the places we love in other cities include:
Chicago: Purple Pig, Girl and the Goat
San Francisco: Coqueta, Tosca, Slanted Door
Las Vegas: Raku, La Cave
New York: Spotted Pig, Momofuku ssam, bar at the Modern,
Yountville: Bouchon, Mustards, R+D Kitchen

Thanks for any advice you can add! Looking forward to the trip.

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    1. re: chartreauxx


      Thanks so much. Which vendors MUST we try?

      1. re: cortez

        what kind of food are you looking for? off the top of my head, scout the food truck pod for something appealing, and scope out beecher's and uli's.

        1. re: cortez

          Hi, cortez:

          The vendors in Sections 105 and 128 are serving Salumi products. The rest of the concessionaires are pretty lame.

          If you're a cheesehead, Beecher's Cheese is also served in Section 123.

          The 3rd weekend in September is usually fine weather. You might try Maxmillien for deck seating and a view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.


          1. re: kaleokahu

            try and snag happy hour at maximilien. i've had disappointing meals there in the last few years. le pichet right by the market makes a solid lunch and a standout dinner; japonessa has happy hour all but 2 hours a day in the bar and makes some rockin' fusion sushi and asian dishes.

        2. Grab a cab and go to millers guild. Great spot. Great chef. Must get the short rib. Also head up to Melrose market. Great place to grab some oysters at Taylor shellfish with a cold beer. Since you will be in on a weekday will will want to wait in line at Salumi in pioneer square or hit up il corvo. Both only open for lunch. All great spots to hit.

          1. Spur Gastropub.
            I don't care how anyone feels about the term "gastropub," Spur makes some great food and their cocktails are extremely good as well. It would be a good place to go and have fun. It's a short walk too.
            If you like sushi, go to Shiros, will be great with a party of 2.
            Chan has good kinda "urban," Korean food, it's right by the market. I've only been once but I really enjoyed my meal.

            1. I love Raku too. I would recommend Miyabi 45th for a similar experience. It's a short cab ride but totally worth it.

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              1. re: Lauren

                Thanks to all for these great recommendations. Can't wait.

                Two followup questions:

                * any opinions about Michael Mina's RN74? I've been one time to his SF location for this wine-centric restaurant. How's it doing in Seattle?

                * I'm a college football nut and would love to go to a Saturday lunch at a respectable sports bar with decent to good food. Any candidates?

                Thanks again.

                1. re: cortez

                  Not a sports fan so I can't help you a ton on the sports bars, though there is one in Columbia City called Rookies that seems pretty well liked, you could easily take the light rail there from downtown. Plus Columbia City is worth checking out. Though like I said I don't really go to sports bars so I'm not the most knowledgeable person here when it comes to options.

                  As far as RN74. I'd definitely skip it. I've been once and was underwhelmed by nearly all of the food. Trendy and loud atmosphere, seems as if people go here to be seen, rather than to eat. It's a nice space, and the service is adequate, and I had an one dish that was a real "mind blown," dish (uni/cavatelli/squid ink) but everything else really left something to be desired. You can do far better than RN74 in Seattle. RN74 is one of those places that looks epic on paper, but my actual experience came up short.

                  If you are considering RN74, I'd recommend Lloyd Martin. Short cab ride, and great food, though if you order a lot it can get expensive quickly (not unlike RN74). The plates are on the small side, and their portion control is perfect though.

                  1. re: cortez

                    If you're around Sat you should go to Husky Stadium to watch the Dawgs play Eastern Washington. Not a high demand game, but a great experience and tickets will be easy to get outside the stadium before game time.

                    Sport Restaurant for good food and sports viewing... or Buckleys.

                2. Go to Quinn's for Ultra burgers and large format Belgian beers.