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Apr 24, 2014 05:14 PM

Newport, RI foodie restaurant suggestion

My husband and I will be in Newport, RI in the beginning of June. We are self-proclaimed foodies and would love to hear suggestions for dinner/lunch. Although we care about atmosphere and service, our main objective is to find a place with fresh seafood, and delicious food. A lot of the reviews I've been reading have given mixed reviews:
Some say Tallulah is amazing and others are calling it "overpriced and leaves on a plate"
I'm also getting mixed reviews about Mooring. The only places that seem to have consistent good reviews are Anthony's in Middletown and Bouchard, but we need at least 3-4 more restaurants to visit during our stay. Thank you for the help!

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    1. I think Tallulah is worth it. No, you won't be served heaping portions, and what you do get won't come cheap. Personally, I get tired of the Mooring, but most people seem to love it, so why not give it a shot too.

      Other foodie favorites are Thames Street Kitchen and Stoneacre Pantry. Grab a burger for lunch or dinner at Mission. I'd skip the Spiced Pear and most of the other hotel restaurants in town.

      There are plenty of enjoyable places a "step or two down" from the heights of Tallulah, Bouchard, and SP. We've had pleasant meals at Malt and El Perrito (lunch), for example.

      If you want seafood and are willing to hop over the bridge, checkout Jamestown Fish. Jamestown is nice to walk around pre or post-dinner too. The chef was named one of food & wine's "people's best new chef 2014," and the fish is always fresh and usually interesting.

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        Oh, and Anthony's is a good choice for a fish shack lunch. It's not fine dining and doesn't want or need to be. Really, no trip to RI is complete without the full clam cake and chowder experience!

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          Perhaps we made a mistake getting their seafood platter, but everything on it was fair / mediocre. Service was excellent and the meal was served promptly (hot) from the kitchen, but the clams were small, they use bay vs. sea scallops, frozen fries and the cole slaw was fair, at best. It was nice having flounder as an option for the fish, but we felt the batter was too thick.

          Although on the other side of the bay, Buttonwood Fish & Chips in Warwick serves a far superior product for essentially the same price - much larger (and much more flavorful) shrimp, clams & scallops with fresh cut fries & fresh cole slaw using a very light batter on the seafood items. No comparison.

      2. Scales and Shells for great seafood and Mamma Luisa's for super Italian both on Thames. Bouchard's has great French. And Castle Hill which is just a short drive from downtown has great food and an outstanding view on the waterfront. Enjoy

        1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

          1. Will you have a car? If so I would hop over to Bristol for dinner at Persimmon. One of the best restaurants in the state IMO.

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              Yes, I'd second Persimmon if you have a car and don't mind a bit of drive (30-35 minutes from Newport). Depending on your route, much of that ride would be relatively scenic. Like Jamestown, Bristol is a pleasant seaside town, with a nice waterfront and plenty of stores to window-shop before heading in to dinner. Note, you really need reservations, and they generally serve dinner in two seatings, one early (around 6) and one late (around 8). They can be less than flexible if you want another time, but the food is worth the hassle.