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Raw Milk Yogurt??

Hey everyone! I'm trying to make yogurt using only raw milk that I get from my dairy cow. I've been looking online trying to find a recipe and have found some really great ones, the only problem is that I have no idea what a "culture" is. Can anyone help me out???

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  1. To make yogurt, you need a starter or culture, which is basically a couple tablespoons of yogurt. That contains the bacteria you need to make the yogurt. then when you make your yogurt, keep a couple spoons of that to start the next batch, and keep the cycle going.

    1. Most health food stores also sell organic yogurt cultures in little packets for about $3 or $4. One packet makes lots of batches of yogurt. It might be easiest to do that for the first time, since even live-culture yogurts in the store have been sitting refrigerated a long time and often aren't that lively.

      1. Go to Cultures for Heath website, they have a bunch of different starters, including ones that will ferment at room temperature.

        1. A culture are the live good bacteria you use to make yogurt.
          What I've done in the past was use supermarket plain yogurt that states it contains "Live Active Cultures".

          Buy the freshest container and you're ready to go.

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          1. I make raw milk yogurt often. (My friend has a diary cow.) I just use a some decent quality organic plain yogurt from the grocery store as the starter.

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              Does it taste any better? I use unhomogenized grass-fed stuff but I don't bother with raw because the first thing I do is heat the milk to 180F, pasteurizing it. I'm curious to know if a second pasteurization changes the flavor.

            2. I find I get better results if I scald the milk, but it is often OK with raw. Culture can next as simple as good yogurt. You may have to try a couple of brands. I like to mix two brands in mine.

              If the yogurt fails to thicken, but still smells and tastes OK, you can use it in pancakes.

              I usually find I can start from homemade yogurt about three times, if I sterilize everything.

              Homemade yogurt is amazing!

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                <I find I get better results if I scald the milk>

                Yes. The one time I did not do this I ended up with stringy/ropey yogurt slime. The proteins coagulate better if they've been denatured.


              2. Hi raw yogurt making people! I just started the GAPS diet and tried to make some raw goats milk yogurt. It never got thicker than milk and I'm wondering, can I heat it up a second time to try it again? Can I drink it still? Or should I call it a loss?