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good breakfast place between LAX and W. Hollywood


Im looking for a place that serves breakfast, old or new. Im flying into LAX on a Friday in the AM and going to West Hollywood.


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  1. My vote would be for Pann's an original Googie dinner from the 1950's with really great food. 5-10 minutes from LAX. Fresh biscuits too.

    1. Panns is right by the airport. Old school breakfasts. For something different, try Cafe Buna in Marina del Rey. They have organic coffee, and both gluten free and traditional options.

      1. Close by LAX is one of my favorites, Pann's. www.panns.com and if you want something on the WeHo end of things you could stop in at John O'Groat's on Pico Blvd. in Ranch Park http://www.ogroatsrestaurant.com/ or even brave the crowds at The Griddle Cafe http://www.thegriddlecafe.com/ or end up at the 24/7 Kitchen 24 http://kitchen24.info/#&panel1-1&... also in WeHo.

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            PLEASE don't go to the Griddle…drive-thru McDonalds breakfast is a culinary delight compared to that place. Echoing what everyone else has said…Panns. It's right smack in the middle of the drive from LAX to Weho.

          2. Pann's would be the way to go. Just had their trout for lunch and it was very good. It also on the corner of La Cienega Blvd which will take you straight into W. Hollywood.

            1. -Original Pancake House


              -The Serving Spoon

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                Won't the first two be in the wrong direction

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                  Yes, you could say that. Just thinking about the 49'ers and lost my head.

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                    Yes. Pann's is very good.

                    Just had the salmon cakes and perfectly soft scrambled eggs the other day.

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                    No surprises. This is not a difficult or controversial answer. It's Pann's.

                    The other incredibly non-controversial answer if you happen to want a doughnut instead of a full breakfast is Primo's on Sawtelle. The buttermilk bar.

                    Mr Taster

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                      Taster, wouldn't you say Panns a little too pricey by your standards though ??????

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                        Not at all... why would you say that?

                        Consider that:

                        - Prices are in proportion to other independent coffee shops
                        - There is care and pride taken in the quality of the food
                        - There's a history to the place, and it doesn't try to pretend to be something other than what it is, and
                        - It attracts customers from all over Los Angeles, not just one specific demographic.

                        All of those criteria add up to a Mr Taster Certified Approval Rating™ of "A".

                        Mr Taster

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                          Blackened catfish breakfast with a soda is about 18 bucks before tip. So you're already at over 20 bucks and it ain't too filling. I'm starving. Add in a slice of cake and that's easily another 5 spot.

                          But the quality is great and service is usua great too and I love the joint all around.

                          Guess I usually just want to get out of there for a little above a ten spot.

                          If this were a HK style cafe, you'd get out for a third the price. And I'm thinking they own that piece of real estate hence they are their own landlords.

                          But then again I still really really really like the joint in the same way as the apple pan. Ok ap is much more pricey as far as the value to quality ratio is concerned. Exorbitant I mean.

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                            Catfish, kevin. Fish is always expensive-- where are you going to get a non-fish sticks fish fillet meal for $10? Seriously? It's about proportionality. (How much is the water boiled fish at Yunnan Garden? But that's tilapia, I think.) The fact that they even serve blackened catfish at all (hardly a coffee shop staple) adds points in my book.

                            Apple Pan, on the other hand, while they only meet 2 of the 4 criteria and therefore receive a Mr Taster Certified Approval Rating™ of "C". However, the egregious pricing scheme and wildly disproportionate price hikes drops them a full letter grade to "D".

                            Mr Taster

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                              tacos baja in whittier has great 99cent fish tacos on wednesdays...

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                                "Fish is always expensive-- where are you going to get a non-fish sticks fish fillet meal for $10?"

                                Fish Dish

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                                    you didn't specify ;) duly noted however.

                                    As a side note, the fried catfish from Fish Dish is terrible.

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                                  <where are you going to get a non-fish sticks fish fillet meal for $10?>>
                                  roughly that amount for a catfish po' boy at Orleans and York on Florence.

                                  (although, imho, the shrimp po' boy is better)

                      2. But, the parking and the lines!

                        1. If you wanted to wait until you arrived in Weho, you could try the Weho Bistro on La Cienega just north of Santa Monica Blvd., corner Holloway. Very good in a French kind of way. Handsome coffee, very good croissants, etc. Breakfast served all day.
                          www.wehobistro.com for details