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Apr 24, 2014 02:54 PM

granite club wedding?

Has anyone attended a wedding at Granite Club? How does the entire experience compare to a ritz or four seasons? I am considering joining the club as well, are there any current members of the club could provide some feedback?

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  1. "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member" :)

    1. In my experience, the service really is excellent, the wine pricing very reasonable, and the food (for a wedding size occasion) to be standard ballroom fare. I think it is hard to cook for that many people exceptionally well. The food is generally not "innovative" or cutting edge; it is solid.

      The pricing is likely less than the Ritz or Four Seasons (or at least was several years ago). I don't know if price is different for members vs non-members. I believe you you will be charged for guest parking which I am pretty sure is $5 per car.

      1. Granite Club initiation fee alone is around the $50K mark. To pay that just for a wedding seems like a waste when you could take that $50k, add it to your existing budget and go anywhere.

        Heck, you could rent out Evergreen Brick Works for the month

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          Unless you want the ongoing membership. The Granite has a superb skating program, kids programs etc. it is a very family oriented social club.

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          1. i went to a wedding at the granite club about 6 yrs ago. it was pretty nice. I can't compare to a ritz or four seasons wedding though, since ive never been. Ours was at the park hyatt and it was fantastic. Id say it was better than the granite but I may be biased.

            My friend who had her wedding there was not a member nor did she ever become one so I don't think its a requirement.

            Don't you have to be referred/sponsored to become a member?

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              Correct, you do not have to be a member to have wedding there, but you must be "vouched for" by a member.

              To become a member, in general (disregarding the wedding, for a moment), you can apply, but you must have 2 current members "sponsor" your application, as well as have an in person interview with a current member of the Board of Directors. It's not that onerous.