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Apr 24, 2014 02:52 PM

quick dinner near Queen St E and Woodbine?

Anyone have a recs for a quick dinner within a 10 minute walk of Queen E and Woodbine? Any price, any type of food.

Is the Green Eggplant decent enough?

How is Arax Shawarma?

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  1. Burger's Priest @ Coxwell & Queen or Burrito Bandito's also @ Coxwell and Queen

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    1. re: Ubervache

      Thanks! I noticed Burrito Banditos from the streetcar, and was wondering what it was like. Are their burritos comparable to Burrito Boyz?

      1. re: prima

        Burrito banditos is a split from bb. The two owners wanted to go in different directions and they split their restaurants.

        1. re: prima

          Maybe I shouldn't admit this but to me they are extremely comparable - in fact I don't think I could distinguish them. (I adore the halibut, but it's too bad it's not available in 'small' for lunch.)

      2. Hogtown smoke? Have not been, but some reviews have been glowing and it's on my list to try

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        1. re: afong56

          visited Hogtown Smoke awhile back. One word. Awful. I'm hoping they just need to get some kinks out, but it was truly awful.

        2. Brussels Bistro is further east, and there are several chains nearby like zteca burritos and Ali Baba's. Brick street Bakery and Dufflets has a limited sandwich menu but they close early. Not much atmosphere at Arax, but I prefer them over Green Eggplant. Baklava was good too.

          1. green eggplant is ok, I remember it seemed like it was like jack astor's.

            Salty Dog was ok too.

            Chick n' Joy would be at the top of my list actually.