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Apr 24, 2014 02:13 PM

Your top 5 Chinese Dishes

If any author on this forum has asked this question before? I'd like to create this list for all of us to share. Please name your top 5 dishes and where you will get them today. John

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    1. re: Mr Taster

      yes, welcome. if you haven't already, i suggest looking at:

      as i doubt you'll get a lot of helpful individual recommendations the way your question is worded. or it might be more accurate to suggest that you'll get more helpful individual recommendations if you add clarifying filters to your request.

    2. Hey, folks, we've removed a bunch of fake replies here. If you don't like the way a question is worded, or you're worried that the poster is going to use the information for something other than deciding where to eat, it's totally fine to not answer them, but please don't make joke or fake replies.

      And please consider giving new posters a little benefit of the doubt -- not everyone is familiar with Chowhound's community culture right from the start so they may ask things in awkward ways.


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      1. re: The Chowhound Team

        given that i am one of two people who responded with a benefit of the doubt although my suspicions were no different than anyone else's, i'm going to point out that i see that the OP recommended this post, but i also note that it's been over a week and the OP has not bothered to act on the suggestions in my response which came before the other responses (which i never bothered to read). so there's not much reason to think the benefit of the doubt would have mattered much here.

        TO THE CHOWHOUND TEAM: it IS your sandbox, and we're grateful that it's been created, but it's also our participation and shared knowledge that allows you to derive income from advertising.

        so if you as a team want to minimize such occurrences in the future, going forward you might consider including STRONG recommendations to read the manifesto as well as your

        "FAQ: New to the LA Board? Read this first?"

        page for ALL new participants who register on the board. (or forcing a link to this page prior to someone's first post.)

        to me it's not much different than letting prospective patrons know that there's a dress code or that it's cash only. those who are genuine in their desire to get info are better equipped, while the folks who are here just to get info to publish elsewhere are more easily weeded out.

      2. The original comment has been removed