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rice cooker questions

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I am thinking of buying a good rice cooker. The type with fuzzy logic and different settings. Will I be able to make Basmati rice where every grain is separate? Ive seen a few videos but they all seem to be about Chinese type rice

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  1. I have a tiny, cheapo wolfgang puck, and it makes awesome jheera rice. reduce the water a bit, and basmati comes out perfect every time.

          1. Get one - you will never look back! And yes, basmati rice comes out great in a rice maker! I have an inexpensive one from Costco a few years ago - I think it's an Aroma - nothing fancy but it works GREAT!!

            1. I have a Breville rice/risotto cooker and it's great.

              Yes, it was more expensive than most rice cookers but it has more functions than my old rice cooker. It has a "saute" function allowing onions, garlic or other additions can be cooked in the rice cooker before adding rice, so there's no need to use a separate pot. There's a steamer basket included, there's a "risotto" setting (I've used once, it worked ok). "Slow cook low" and "slow cook high" functions are very useful, and the "rice/steam" function cooks rice, including basmati, jasmine, Carolina gold..., really well. It keeps things warm after cooking is complete.

              Having burned and wasted rice too many times, I'm very happy to have a rice cooker.

              1. For most white rice or ordinary brown rice you should be fine, even with cheaper cookers. Some more exotic rice, like Siamese red rice, require stove top. So, follow the rice.