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Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

Dear Hounds,

I would appreciate some recommendations on more upscale dining in Lake George. Staying at The Saganore. I don't mind driving about 1/2 hour out for a great meal.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Search is your friend:


    Lake George is NOT known for it's food. Nearby Glens Falls may have more choices. Further still, Saratoga Springs.

    The Sagamore is a lovely resort. That said, I was underwhelmed by the food. I have been too long ago to be helpful and defer to hounds with more recent experiences.

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      Glens Falls/Exit 18 (Lake George/Exit 21) has Bistro Tallulah. I read good things but have not been. Not sure if it meets OP's request for "more upscale dining:"


      Defer to hounds more familiar with Glens Falls for other possibilities.

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        We went to Rare Earth Wine Bar (Glens Falls) after shopping in Queensbury recently. My first time, SO had been before. While not "upscale dining" as OP requested, it might be a possibility.

        Newer place. Doesn't look like they have a website so you'll have to look at their FaceBook page. The Yelp perspective:



        We enjoyed our wine and food. Started with olives and bread. Goat cheese with black pepper was delicious. Also had gnocchi, SO had bone marrow and I had duck (they were out of my first choice).

        This place just has a good vibe. Liked the ambience. Sat at a communal table. Service was friendly and relaxed. Probably not a good place if you're in a rush. Not so crazy about ordering on ipads (they ask if you want a paper menu). Like that they donate to different charities every month. Not sure how the servers feel about no tips. Hopefully their salary is higher to compensate.

        Especially enjoyed "A Guy Goes into a Bar . . ." a Joe King book (2000) that was shaped liked a wine bottle. You'll need to make a visit to the powder room to see what I mean.

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          Almost forgot . . .last month's TU review of newer, Rare Earth Wine Bar (Glens Falls):


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          Saratoga Springs (Exit 15) may be too far for OP, "I don't mind driving about 1/2 hour out . . ."

          Approx. 37 miles or 45-48 min. driving time from exit 21 (Lake George) to exit 15 (Saratoga Springs).

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            i live in clifton park near exit 8a and i usually get to lake george in under an hour so i think the drive time isn't as much as mentioned. either way, it's worth the ride for the choices of better places as opposed to lake george's more standard fare.

        2. I agree with financialdistrictresident: Lake George is not a food destination.

          With that said, I'd advise you to stop by the A&W Drive-In for a root beer float or some ice cream at some point during your trip. It's a relic from a bygone era and may not be there for much longer, so go while you can. Black tie optional. ;)

          2208 Route 9, Lake George, NY

          1. Just about a half an hour or so from Lake George, and a little more than that from the Sagamore. Worth the ride.


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              I have not been to Friends Lake Inn. Their menu doesn't look surprising or exciting. Not sure what a "great meal" is to OP.

              1. Not sure how the food is at The Inn at Erlowest these days.

                We went some time ago (Jazz Brunch, New Year's Eve). Too long ago to be helpful, defer to other hounds with more recent experiences.


                Lake George is all about the lake and the Adirondacks. . .

                1. I've been to Lake George the last 4 summers in a row and I must agree the dining is not too great. With that being said the one place I absolutely go to every year is the Barnsider it's a BBQ restaurant right on the main road just up from the strip. The food has always been good, the prices are fair and the portions are huge! Plus they have outside seating.

                  Besides that I have yet to find a place "in town" that I ever must go back to. I do return to the boardwalk restaurant mainly for the amazing views of the lake, not as much for the food but it is edible lol.

                  Less than a half hour away I would recommend the Silo in Queensbury it has excellent lunch but I don't think it has a dinner service but I could be wrong.

                  Here's a couple of links for you (I love Lake George)

                  Best of Lake George as voted on by the people:

                  The Barnsider (my personal fave

                  The Silo

                  When are you going btw?

                  1. Would you consider going in to Saratoga and eating at Chianti, or one of the other really solid restaurants there? I ask, b/c you say you'd drive a 1/2 hr and I confess sometimes I have a habit of driving a bit fast. lol

                    1. Thank you to all that have written in. I wouldn't drive to Saratoga, I really just want to stay 30 min out max. I am going for Memorial Day weekend.

                      I read about Farmhouse at Top of the World on a prior thread? Any insite on that?

                      The Boat House looks nice but the reviews are bad.

                      Thank you again.

                      1. You don't say when your trip is, but if it's close enough to the summer, the Owl at Twilight in Olmsteadville is a real treat, reopened after a two-year (?) hiatus. But I'm not sure when they open for the season. Also within your 30-minute radius is the Friend's Lake Inn, very solid food, great wine list, in a really lovely setting. (http://www.friendslake.com/dining/ ).

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                          I keep hearing good things about the Owl at Twilight, PSZaas.

                          The Yelp perspective:


                          Hopefully they are open by Memorial Day weekend.

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                            we're going to the owl next month. also going to bistro leroux soon after that. looking forward to checking out both.

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                              going to the owl tomorrow. how casual is it? looking forward to checking it out.

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                                Casual, same as all the other nice restaurants around. People out for a nice evening.

                              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                                Thank you all for your help and advice.
                                Night 1: Bistro Leroux
                                Food and Service, Great (best meal of the trip)
                                Night 2: Farm House @ Top of the World
                                Great View, food was Ok, Service was not good. Early in the season maybe with new staff
                                Night 3: La Bella Vita at the Sagamore
                                Great service and nice view, food was better than average but not extraordinary
                                Of the 3 lunches we had Algonquin was the best with the food and view
                                Again thanks all

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                                  Thanks for the tip! We just returned from our first trip to Lake George and stopped for lunch at the Algonquin after check-out. Excellent little lunch and the site is gorgeous. Can't wait to go again, either later in the day or at night when we are hungrier.

                              2. Always wanted to try Farm House Restaurant . The food was not that great?
                                There is not that much farm to table food this time of the year. Thinking about that concept they should be only open two month of the year.

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                                  Food was decent, not disappointing in anyway. Menu is very simple and you can get sandwiches also at dinner time if you like.
                                  They just reopened for the season on Mother’s day and we went on Memorial Weekend, so I feel seasonal start up pains, cause the service to not be so great.
                                  And it wasn’t busy and the kitchen made some simple errors.

                                  It is worth a try for anyone. I wouldn’t say this place is a “no go”