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Apr 24, 2014 12:21 PM

Houston Food Websites

I recently moved to Houston from Dallas, where I leaned heavily on chowhound for recommendations. I am surprised there is such little action on the Houston board, considering how much of a foodie town Houston is. Are there other sites or blogs people read and contribute to in order to search out new places?

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  1. Yeah, this site is woefully under utilized. You can join the Houston CH FB page. and the food blog at do a good job on new openings and reviews. There are a ton of local bloggers.

    1. Welcome to Houston. The Houston Press has a lot of info, same outfit as the Dallas Observer. Here's another blog with a few links.

      I've got more stored and will dig them up and post.

      1. Here's a "top ten" Spring Branch from the Press, a diverse neighborhood. There are links to others, it's just a start and by no means all inclusive of the neighborhoods. I take the Press with a bit of a grain of salt.

        1. Here's another, this should keep you busy. I've got a bacon cheeseburger w/jalapenos and Whatabuger mustard to prepare.


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          1. I follow quite a few blogs, some are very good and updated often, others are hit or miss.

            Houston Press's Blog and covers everything

            Regular updates from someone who is a recent convert to Houston

            Not just restaurants

            Sometimes updated daily. They must eat out every day.

            More mentions of restaurants on the North side of town but he ventures around.

            A lot burgers and casual.

            Covers Houston and then mentions other Texas cities.

            Hope this helps.

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