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Apr 24, 2014 12:02 PM

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar

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  1. Oh. My. God.

    Thank you for this!!

    Some choice quotes:

    "If there's one thing I'm learning from this menu, it's that Guy Fieri's brain pretty much has three settings: smother, smear, and drench. I don't even want to think about what that implies about his sex life.

    You're welcome for that mental image."

    "If the words "smeared with Guy's famous donkey sauce" don't insta-dry your lady parts/cause your balls to ascend into your man treehouse, there is something deeply wrong with you."

    1. Highest price item is $17. If you can get a cheapo meal and a brew on the strip for a green chip, that's not too bad.

      1. Amazing.

        1. I think somehow the "person" was never told that Vegas' rep is now fine food not crap like this. And whoever wrote that menu should be fired. For under $10/pp you can go to one of these places and probably even be able to figure out in advance just WTF you're going to be eating:

          Or you can go to the Cafe at the Bellagio, spend less, the same or a little more and get some really good food:

          I think this quote from the article describes him and his food:

          "It takes a truly special human being to combine pretension and douchebro-ed-ness into something that, when you take a step back, starts to look like elaborate, brilliant performance art. Guy Fieri is that human, except that nothing he does is intended as satire."

          Shiver :(

          1. I have a special admiration for overachievers, and I hope some day to be one.