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Apr 24, 2014 11:59 AM

Need to find a blech online

I have been searching for a stovetop blech with no success. My electric warming tray (no dial or on/off switch) works great for Friday dinner but seems to cool off sometime during the night so it can't be relied on for Saturday lunch. As an alternative to my crockpot, I ordered the only stovetop blech I could find on line but it was very thin and burned through by the time Shabbos was over. (When I questioned this I was told that I shouldn't have used it on an electric stove).

Does anyone know where I can buy a basic heavy duty stovetop blech?

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  1. I have gas, but I left it on an electric stove at a beach house last week for slightly over 48 hours and it worked fine. Bought it ~ 7 years ago.

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      Thanks Adina. On your advice, I went to and landed at the blechs and hotplates page at Happy Home. After looking through the options I decided to call for guidance on which product to choose. I explained my concerns and previous experience and placed an order over the phone. I ordered one for my meat stove for now, but if it works out I'll probably get a smaller one for my dairy stove for variety during yom tov.

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        You might want to rethink the dairy blech. The normal blechs only get hot right over the burner. For Shabbat that's ok but on Yomtov it's not necessary to use a blech so you are not gaining anything by having a dairy blech unless you want a dairy meal on Shabbat.

        Water blechs on the other hand get hot on the entire surface, so even on Yomtov where they are unneccesary halachicly they are useful to enlarge the warming surface. The only issues are that not all rabbeim accept their use and also that you need to let it cool off before emptying it after Shabbat and you will probably get water all over the place until you get the hang of it.

        1. re: SoCal Mother

          I'll second the water blech. In fact, after last shabbos, I remarked to my husband that even though we only use our Pesach water blech one day a year (OK, some years it's two days), I'm still so happy we have one rather than a standard blech. I was never able to get the hang of a standard blech, and an electric plata would be far too hot for our circumstances (size of kitchen, our personal comfort level, etc.).

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            I need to amend what I said about the halachic issues with water blechs. Everyone agrees that a water blech can be used as a regular blech. The entire surface gets hot because of the water inside and if you are willing to deal with the cleanup it's a great idea.

            The part that not everyone agrees with is that SOME people hold that there are leniencies with a water blech that may allow you to put foods on the blech that are not permitted on a regular blech.

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              The cleanup is not really such a big deal. We let the water cool, and then scoop it out with a large plastic cup. Once most of the water is gone, you can even turn the burner on to evaporate the remaining water.

              We don't put anything on that we wouldn't be able to put on a regular blech, but what we do find useful is not having to continually hold a pot that we are serving from. I can take a huge pot of soup off the blech, serve from it, carry the bowls to the table, and then return the pot to the blech. Without a water blech, I would not be able to leave the kitchen, because I couldn't let go of the pot.

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                Thanks for all the great info. I've been looking at water blechs (online) for a while but wasn't sure I could figure out the logistics of filling, emptying etc. I'm sure it would be heavy and hard to handle. I'm not too strong and not too young and I usually don't have anyone to help me.

                I'm an almost 69 year old widow. My kids and grandkids usually stay with me for shabbos/yom tov but they arrive just before it's time to eat, and almost always leave before shabbos clean up.

                1. re: evalinrose

                  When we first got ours, we tried to slide it across the counter to empty it into the sink. It was a little bit after that, that I got the idea to empty it using cups, then emptying the cup into the sink. It's worked perfectly for over 10 years now.

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                    And we allow ours to evaporate. We've been using it for years as well and I know how much water to put in so that it lasts until lunch time. I tried carrying the full blech to the sink once.

                    As far as returning a pot of soup to the blech, that's the sort of thing that OP needs to ask his/her rabbi about. Mine would not permit it.

      2. I have been searching for a water blech for Pesach and have been unable to find one online anywhere. I purchased my chometz water blech from Happy Home but they do not have them listed any longer on their website. Any ideas?

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          I got my water blech at The phone number is 718.692.2442

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            If you're in Brooklyn or the 5 Towns, Amazing Savings had then before Purim.