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Apr 24, 2014 09:00 AM

Girls' Day Out in Hampden

Two friends of mine and I will be having our annual girls day out next Friday. We like to eat, drink, shop, drink, shop and eat some more. We'll start the day with lunch and go from there. I've been to 13.5% Wine Bar and The Food Market, but am generally unfamiliar with Hampden. Any recs for lunch vs. dinner? Great cocktails?


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  1. I like the food and vibe at Rocket to Venus. Cocktails are okay, but nothing special.

    1. There is a new place doing spanish food and is BYOB called Cafe Cito... my personal favorite booze store is in Hampden, the Wine Source. I'd grab some wine and head there for lunch.

      1. Really enjoyed Le Garage. Reasonably priced wine list, awesome beer list and really solid food. They also did a nice job with the space. It feels more spacious than Dogwood and while it still feels like a basement, I wasn't bothered as much by that as I was when it was Dogwood…. tough to put my finger on exactly why.

        Great spot though, I would recommend the frites and pork chop.

        1. Definitely Corner BYOB - go to the wine source before (its on the same block) and pick out fun wines for dinner.

          I haven't been to le Garage yet but it's owned by the Wine Market so I expect great things.

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            Not sure it's owned by the Wine Market. The chef was at Maggie's farm and 13.5. The guy in charge of the beverage program is a Wine Market alum.