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Apr 24, 2014 08:10 AM

anniversary dinner in the city

My husband and I will be in the city to celebrate our ten year anniversary at the end of June. We are looking to have a nice dinner for under $200 for the two of us. I was hoping you wonderful people could give us a recommendation for something fantastic. We are open to just about anything. Our favorite restaurant in the city is Churascarria Plataforma, which is an option, but I was hoping to do something new. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Will the total of $200 be "all in" (tax, tip, alchohol) or strictly for the food portion? Area of the city? Other types of food you like or dislike? Day fo the week?

    1. Try to give us about two or three different options for cuisine.
      There are more than 10,000 eating establishments in Manhattan..(which includes even Grey's Papaya! , which I don't think is an option)

      1. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'm looking to spend $200 plus tip and tax. We will not be drinking wine due to allergies to sulfites. :( we are pretty adventurous eaters always happy to try new things. My husband is a major carnivore, he loves all types of meats. We both enjoy seafood, sushi, Thai, and Indian food. We have pretty good appetites and open minds.

        1. Sounds like you guys might want a nice meal where you can be a bit romantic...(Oysters)...Seafood, on the upper eastside, within your range for a real good meal...
          Atlantic Grill on 3rd avenue and 78th street or 49 West 64th, near Lincoln Center...
          I prefer the 3rd ave. location. (parking on the street if you are driving)
          You should be able to have a great meal for $200++...(Spirits have no sulfites, you might want to indulge)
          Do call for a reservation...busy every night...

          1. Well these suggestions aren't really based upon anything other than places we've been with excellent food and should be consider a little more adventurous/not cookie cutter. Just throwing stuff out as it pops into my head. You should be able to meet your budget. I'm not sure how romantic you are looking for but these are all very nice (just maybe not romantic).

            The Gander
            Betony (strong recommendation, would need to be careful ordering)
            The NoMad (important to note the capital M)
            The Marrow
            Gramercy Tavern