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Apr 24, 2014 07:02 AM

Watch what happens when monkeys are paid unequally in food...........funny and interesting

I would want the grapes too!! Then again, I am just a big dumb ape.

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  1. That was shown on Nova last night as part of Animal Minds: Smartest.

    Give me a grape, dagnabbit!

    There was another segment on fairness using 2 Bonobo chimps who had never met. One was in a cage that could only be opened from the outside. The other was outside the cage and given food (mango pieces, I think). The Bonobo on the outside did not hesitate to open the cage for the other, stranger monkey, and then shared her food. The theory is that companionship, even with a stranger is more important than food.

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      Also, dogs would start whining if they were getting ho-hum treats while they could see, and smell, higher-value treats being given to other dogs. We see similar behavior in our pets when it comes to toys, being petted, and other perqs. People refer to this as one animal being jealous of the other, but it is more likely just wanting the treat or treatment, rather than wanting the other individual NOT to have it. Resentment and wishing ill on the other guy, which are components of jealousy, do not seem to apply to animals.

    2. They are our closest relatives after all.

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        Yes, you say that like you have seen my mother in law!

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          Monkey say monkey do. And sometimes, they fling feces '-D