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Apr 24, 2014 06:40 AM

Fort Lauderdale - Jacksonville (Savannah bound)

Hello all,

In a few weeks I'll pick up a rental in Fort Lauderdale and drive I-95 (and adjacent coast roads) to Jacksonville and ultimately Savannah. I seek things remarkable, unusual, delicious, or unusually delicious, to chow en route. Preferably not sit-down dinner unless it's north of St. Augustine. Seafood-centric, but I'm open minded. I have planned a day trip but staying the night isn't out of the question. Please feel free to throw in Georgia thoughts should any come to mind.


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  1. The definition of great fresh well executed seafood in the Jacksonville area is Singleton's next to the ferry dock on the St Johns river in Mayport. Inside AC and outside picnic tables on the dock. The boats smell because they are working trawlers. Not Disneyfied.

    Minorcan stew beats Saltwater Cowboys and can fight it out in the ring with Osteen's, both in St. Augustine.

    1. Cocoa Beach is around the mid-point between Lauderdale & Jacksonville & is the home of Jazzy's Mainely Lobster. It's a wicked-good New England seafood joint that somehow landed in Florida.

      1. OK,Darien Ga is just north of Brunswick Ga,and it has a concrete block restaurant,B&J seafood and steaks that has incredible fried shrimp ,cafish,chicken,that has ever been cooked.Incredible place,good prices.There are several links to this place,check them out.

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          Thank you all!!!!! This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I've got them mapped thanks to the internet--but more ideas always welcome! I'll be driving up the coast Tuesday.

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            OMG.... Somebody who actually acknowledged our efforts. Very rare in general. Have a wonderful trip and may you have only awesome experiences on your culinary explorations.

            Hope to hear about the results.

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            Second the recommendation for B&J. I recommend their Shrimp and Oyster Dinner:


            You will see their billboard on I-95 before you reach the exit.

            If you want a small snack after that, you can try the smoked chicken sandwich at Smokin' Pig BBQ in Richmond Hill. This place is next to a gas station, a few feet east of I-95; check out the letter on the wall from Greg Allman if you are a fan!


            There is some good info here about I-95 eats; look at Littleman's list. He sent me to both B&J and smokin' Pig and we liked them both very much!


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              I have no idea when or if I'll ever have the occasion to make this drive another time but it was wonderful--the weather was perfect, I was able to (fairly) easily switch between the coast highway and I-95 (traffic was manageable), and, thanks to all of you, I ate nothing but delicious seafood!

              I did O'Steens in St. Augustine (shrimp, fantastic), B&J (shrimp, also fantastic), and made an attempt to hit Singleton's but couldn't stomach the half hour wait, so I ended up at a place called Safe Harbor nearby (grouper, exquisite). In fact I may do this again but make a week of it--I found the drive much more interesting than I expected. Florida is full of little curiosities. The shrimp was particularly good at both O'Steens and B&J--I love shrimp and rarely am able to eat it as most of my family is allergic and I don't order seafood unless I'm near water. So this was wonderfully indulgent.

              Thanks all!