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Apr 23, 2014 07:36 PM

Wrap-up Question for those of us who eat hand Matza Shmura

We found this year that the matza we normally order (Montreal Belz) was not as thin and tasty as usual. In general, there seems to be variation no matter which brand of hand Shmura you go with. Am I correct on that or does anyone out there find consistency in texture and taste in their brand of choice (if indeed you have a brand of choice).

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  1. Chareidim is the thinnest you'll find anywhere, hands down. That said, many in each box are often broken, so plan accordingly.

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    1. re: latke

      Chareidim tastes better than machine, although some might say it tastes different, thinner. What is certain is that no one complains that eating it is a hardship and all the broken bits get gobbled up.

    2. We are very happy with Shatzer (we get the whole wheat ones, which taste no different than the regular, so far as I am concerned). In the three pounds we went through, there were a couple of pieces that were a bit thicker, but the great majority were thin and crispy. Also, except for the partial piece to make it a complete pound, I don't think there were any broken matzot, certainly not more than one or two among the three boxes (approx. 24 pieces in all).

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        Our 18 pounds of Shatzer was ok. Little bit thick.

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          Right. We also had the Shatzer Whole Wheat. They were good, but thick. I believe it was the same last year. I don't eat the WW ones, though.

          1. re: cappucino

            Our whole wheat shatzer was terrible this year. Thick, burnt, and broken.

            1. re: CWY

              So odd; ours were perfectly fine.

        2. re: queenscook

          Same experience here. We've been getting the whole wheat ones the past few years and they are indistinguishable from the regular. They were fine. We like them thin, but understand that there may be some variation in a hand made product. I also like them to be a little burnt, and they were.

          1. re: helou

            The Lakewood matzo was good , although a little bit thicker than in past years.

        3. Chareidim, hands down! Could not find it in Boca, Lubavitcher was nasty, Shatzer was ok, but a far cry from Chareidim.

          1. We use Satmar. Been happy with it for the last 50 years. Going to try to get a box of Chareidim next year for comparison, but any other time we've tried the others, Satmar has won.

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              I guess we should try Chareidim next year. Satmar is not going to happen any time soon for us. We have to draw the line somewhere. No KJ meat/chicken in the house either. Even when it was on sale at Fairway. So Chareidim it is. I also wonder how many of us like it burnt. It seems like a "thing" for many of us.

            2. We used to get Pupa- Tzeilem, and it was always very thin and crispy, and just enough burnt, we haven't gotten it in a few years, and friends who got it gave us some, and it seemed better than we remembered it.