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Apr 23, 2014 07:36 PM

A bit of Bosnia in Astoria

3718 34th Ave just near the Steinway south exit, on the R and M.

What makes up the region of former Yugoslavia, the various states, have representation in Astoria-Long Island. Whether one is looking for the venues that cater to the not so assimilated to United States, or something else, one can find many such variations.

I recommend Cevabdzinica Sarajevo. The Burek is splendid, and the other dishes are all what one finds in a ubiquitous fashion in this region.

Photos on the menu can answer most of one's questions, if one is not familiar with such items as cevapi, and all the differing manifestations that use such, or meats similar.

The stuffed cabbages (see photo) are nice, and just as those cabbages were stuffed, you can do the same to yourself.

So, go with an empty stomach, and stuff yourself as Tito did.
burek pastry are about 6 dollars, and come, as for mine did, two large slices to a plate, for the prices. Red crush chilli pepper (pizza shop kind) and other items such as katchup, are on hand.

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  1. Appreciate the update. That's great stuff, isn't it? I usually go for cevapi (with ajvar, kajmak and onion in bread). Maybe I'll have to try the stuffed cabbage next time — nice pic.

    Here's one of the many earlier Chowhound reports on this place ...

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      The mashed potato with the stuffed cabbage is of the powdered derived kind, just to warn you. Opt for the free bread...pita kind, that comes with it, or try and enjoy the powdered potato.

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        Nice to see that place is still pleasing many.

      2. great posting , I grew up in Astoria and truly miss it from time to time especially the amazing array of diverse ethnic eateries. I travel back to see friends and do a little shopping often . I love to find new places of interest. being Italian myself and having friends of Yugoslavian decent that I grew up with I have enjoyed a number of traditional foods cooked by their grandmothers and mothers . this will be on my will try list . thank you . its hard to know where to eat sometimes when I go back since the neighborhood has changed so much , thankfully some of my favorite Italian pork stores and bakery have been there for ever and still going strong.

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          Nice write up on Kickshaw, in Astoria, with notes on Astoria's so called transition, its impervious-ness to the ills of other area transitions etc.

          That is in the current Village Voice. You might enjoy reading it.

          Kickshaw is a place across from the Library on Broadway.