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Apr 23, 2014 06:24 PM

Looking for Dinner Recommendations in Detroit

A group of 8 of us are going to Comerica Park for a Saturday afternoon game. We’d like to grab an affordable (< $15/person) early dinner after the game, and would appreciate recommendations.
It’s my husband’s birthday, and he typically prefers a sit-down restaurant vs. a walk-up and order place. Needs to have at least something vegetarian-friendly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Wow. Um, I've gotta tell you, you're picking about *the worst* time to try to have dinner in Detroit: on a Saturday, after a Tigers game, when everyone else will be thinking about staying in the city like you are, *and* everyone else will be coming into the city for dinner. You want a full service place, but there's no way to make a reasonable reservation for you, since there's no way to know when the game will end. Add to that, you want a budget of under $15 per person, and at least a couple of vegetarian options. Again: wow.

    I'm just gonna take the cop-out and go with Slows BBQ. You may wait a good, *long* time for a table, but it fits the bill. There are some not-too-shabby vegetarian options at this BBQ place, believe it or not (their Split Pea and Okra appetizer, The Genius sandwich, various salads, their famous mac-and-cheese...), the price is where you want it, and it's full serve.

    Chances are, though, that the wait for a table for eight will be interminable, though I will say this: they *do* take reservations for tables of six or more. I would call them ahead of time (read: at least a couple of days ahead of time), ask to speak to a manager, and ask them if it's doable (be sure to tell them about the afternoon game, the start time, and the size of your party). If they say yes, make the reservation *right then*, get the manager's name, write it down, and keep them up-to-date on your arrival time on the day of.

    Others are welcome to chime in.

    1. Angelina should do it. Walking distance from the stadium, handles big crowds well, above-average Italian, should be veggie options. It could be more than $15 per, but not if you got pizzas or something. Check the menu.

      Traffic Jam & Snug is another standard place in the area and also routinely handles crowds, moderately priced. You can't walk that one, though (unless you're serious walkers).

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      1. re: Jim M

        I didn't want to mention Angelina because of the price structure limitation.

        1. re: Jim M

          I would definitely avoid Traffic Jam. I work right in the area and get dragged in there from time to time. The place is maddeningly inconsistent, but even when they're "on" the price:value just isn't there.

        2. I also thought of Angelina but agree the pricing could be an obstacle. Might could make it work with flatbreads and shared appetizers.

          Heck, you can barely eat at Applebees for $15. Not that you'd want to...

          The other place that comes to mind is Harry's Bar

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          1. re: coney with everything

            I like Harry's too ... your basic sports bar, but food is decent. That place will *definitely* be slammed after a ballgame.

            Greektown? Pizza Papalis?

          2. That's an awfully low price limit for a sit-down restaurant. Even worse, you'd be better off with one that accepts reservations so you don't have to wait along with the rest of the crowd, but cheap eats type places don't accept reservations. (If you decide to make a reservation somewhere, figure 3.5 hours for the game and you should be okay.)

            Slow's is a good choice if you don't mind waiting. Maybe Small Plates will work, if you don't eat much...?

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              Good advice, nsxtasy. I clicked on your link to Slow's and was taken to a site that is a marketing/sales site that has nothing to do with Slow's. Maybe my browser is malfunctioning though.

            2. Given all your requirements and uncertainties; I will suggest that you escape from the Tiger stadium area and head to one of the mexican restaurants in SW Detroit.

              I suggest that you consider: Taqueria Nuestra Familia

              If mexican fare is unacceptable; perhaps Green Dot Stables, although it'll probably be over-run with hipsters and baseball fans.

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                "perhaps Green Dot Stables, although it'll probably be over-run with hipsters and baseball fans"

                Even then, I have a hard time believing that under $15 per person is realistically possible. I love GDS, but once you order three sliders and a beverage, you're toast at that price point, and you really need more than that to eat, honestly.