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Kin and Comfort

Anyone been to the new place in the Hana Market?


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  1. haven't been but will scope it out next week!
    seems SPIN-ish, and that's a good thing.

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      Dude that place was onto something. Still don't understand why they closed. Place was always packed when I went.

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        Went there today had the chicken thigh, curried beef and macaroni and cheese. and the coconut and brussel sprouts slaw. The good: the mac and cheese was excellent. Really unique dish something I've never had before. The slaw was also really great.
        The not so good: the fried chicken was bland and at $7 was horribly overpriced for a lone chicken thigh. This whole dish needs to be re-thought.
        In conclusion I would gladly go back but not for the chicken. With some more refinement this place could be awesome.

        1. re: Rptrane

          really looking forward to trying it next week. the slaw sounds right up my alley.

        2. re: dinaofdoom

          I did not think the execution was remotely like Spin Thai though I only went there once.

        3. the pics on yelp look killer, I have to go

          1. Went with coworkers on Friday but I went to the Korean place so we could see more dishes. I had a couple of small bites of the hushpuppies, Mac & cheese, and shrimp grits and was not amazed. Others said their favorite was the meatloaf. The Mac & cheese was misnomer--Padang beef with shells. No cheese. The flavor was good but the fusion added nothing. The hush puppy tasted fine but I wouldn't have identified it as taro. I tasted the sauce of the shrimp & grits and it was straight Tom Khai--this is the dish of the three I'd get, but if I were back I'd go beef tongue and hope to snag a bit of meatloaf. The collard greens are apparently being shelved.

            Btw, the spicy pork bone soup at the Korean was quite good, nice rich broth as you suspect it would

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              I disagree I think there was cheese in the mac. It was a white cheese and there wasn't a bunch of it but it was there. If you go back get the slaw.

            2. I went Saturday evening. I tried the hushpuppies, catfish fingers, pork buns and fried chicken.

              The fried chicken was other worldly to me. The things that came with it weren't really that interesting. I like a good papaya salad, but this was lacking something. Maybe if I'd eaten the chicken and it together it would have worked better?

              The catfish fingers were fine, but the star on that was the herb salad and the dressing. They made it really pop.

              The pork buns are my favorite version in Austin. The pear on them was the perfect contrast to the fatty richness of the pork.

              And the hushpuppies...wow. I could eat 80 of those things. Fluffy, sweet, tangy...everything I could want in a little bite.

              1. We went again for lunch today and the whole experience seem different my previously reported time.

                The food was served on actual plates and not some paper goods, the plating was restaurant class, and the food was different (the hushpuppies had a sauce). I don't know if the one day we went the chef and dishwasher were taking the day off. Anyway, I had the chicken and deviled egg (the collard greens is off the menu). The chicken, as foodiegal76 reports, was might good. The deviled eggs were fried and good but not as spectacular. I had a bite of the meatloaf this time and it is a winner.

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                  Thanks for the follow-up, Carter B. What was the hushpuppy sauce?

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                    Sadly, I didn't pay much attention. Someone else got them and I snagged one while hungry--slightly sweet and garlicky is my haphazard memory.

                    Have you been yet, rudeboy?

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                      I went again Sunday evening. The hushpuppy sauce is a sweet chili sauce. I got mostly the same stuff but instead of the catfish, this time I got the tom kha shrimp and grits. I'm going to eat that again. And again. And again. It was insanely good. The chicken was overcooked this time, but still packed full of flavor and crunch.

                  2. We went for lunch on Monday and had the pepper beef tongue, fried chicken thigh, deviled eggs, thai tea chess pie, and pork belly. Every dish was good to excellent, but the beef tongue stole the show. a slightly sweet and salty marinade lended a well carmelized exterior to perfection with a melt in your mouth slight crunch to the final product. outstanding. broccoli slaw was great as well.

                    1. holy crap, this place is really good.
                      reminds me of a slightly cheaper version of spin thai (RIP).

                      went last night for dinner with co-workers. there were two huge tables of what appeared to also be co-workers or something similar. it was busy so our food took a while, but it is totally worth waiting for. plus, a nice and very pregnant lady brings your food to you, so how can you be mad?

                      since i'm GF, my options were more limited, but included slightly modified: catfish fries (huge bowl with rice underneath, the fish had a tasty crispy coating), the coconut cabbage slaw (has beets & brussels with the cabbage, YUM), ginger ice cream with stewed strawberries (miso shortbread cookie given to friend).

                      oh and a special, which was sweet potato fries with old bay and a tobiko & something mayo. the SP were not the cloyingly sweet stuff you find a lot of places and i suspect the starchier japanese variety, but i can't be sure.

                      co-workers enjoyed the son-in-law deviled eggs (they're fried!), taro hush puppies, kra pow pork belly bun, and fried chicken thigh.

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                        Same chef as Spin. Sadly they didn't just reopen that place. It was awesome.

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                          well, that would explain it ;-)

                          it is really delicious and affordable.

                      2. I'm more a lurker than a poster these days, but given the sad outcome for the late great Spin Modern Thai, I thought I would post on Kin & Comfort.

                        A friend and I had the deep fried devil eggs with Tamarind (somehow familiar and exotic), fried chicken with papaya salad, and beef curry mac and cheese. The fried chicken was fried to order, but they also asked how spicy. I told them to step on it-the finished result was amazing, and the papaya salad set it off perfectly.

                        And then we had Ginger Ice Cream-I'm not sure who the pastry chef is but this was just outstanding-and I am a big time sweets guy.

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                        1. re: NWLarry

                          isn't that ginger ice cream great? i have been on low carb for a while and splurged with that. soooo worth it. the roasted strawberry compote was tasty, too.

                          aside from me being happy with tasty eats nearby, i'm also hoping their success sparks a food court renaissance. ever since moving here ten years ago, i wondered why there weren't more food courts and stalls, and the glut of trucks.

                          in my native boston, there are a lot of food stalls due to cost and real estate constraints. many are asian and/or in chinatown, but there are others like chacarero that make a mean sandwich.

                          i've always wanted someone to take over one of the empty strip mall spots here and make it into a food hall.

                        2. Has anyone been to the Korean place next door?

                          We've been K&C twice and both times really enjoyed everything. Got the chicken and shared it papaya salad was very spicy, but addictive.

                          Both times we got the son in law eggs. Unique crunch-fry whites with the creamy yolks and the sauce on top was crazy-good! Very rich.

                          Second time, we ordered the Tongue and the Meatloaf. Both full of flavors.

                          Our next time, we want to get the bi bim bap from the Korean place next door, but were hoping for an opinion from someone who's tried them.

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                            I've had the grilled mackerel and spicy pork bone soup and both were solid (like the soup better). Friends had the bi-bam-bap and weren't wowed but I didn't taste it.

                            1. re: Carter B.

                              did you get banchan with it? since it's kind of cafeteria/food hall serving style, not sure if it comes with or not.

                                1. re: dinaofdoom

                                  yes but you only get radish kimchee and cabbage kimchee.

                                    1. re: lixlix

                                      Uhp. That's a deal breaker right there...

                                2. re: amysuehere

                                  I've had the bibimbap. Its very filling. Kind of hard to screw up bibimbap too badly though.

                                  I'm more a fan of the grilled mackerel (mackerel gui) there. Haven't had the pork bone soup there but I usually end up going to Misung 888 if I crave that particular dish.

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                                    That pork bone soup at Misung 888 is hard to pass up.

                                  2. re: amysuehere

                                    i want to, but i don't think they serve anything i can eat, and i was not confident there wouldn't be a language barrier when ordering.