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Apr 23, 2014 05:03 PM


Can anyone suggest a good retail store with an interesting selection within Boston/Cambridge/Somerville?

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  1. Places I personally visit:
    -Martignetti's on Soldiers Field Rd out by Watertown
    -Cambridge Wine & Spirits at the Fresh Pond rotary
    -Liquor World at Porter Square

    Out of those three, Martignetti's is usually my first choice due to lower prices, but sometimes Liquor World has random stuff that you can't find at the other two.

    They all have pretty decent amari selections. I think I've heard that Cirace in the North End has a very good selection of Italian stuff as well, which might make it the place to go for you.

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    1. re: nickls

      Ball Square liquors is small but has a great selection of bitter spirits

      Marty's big buys in Allston. Surprising selection in general with some interesting finds

      I haven't been in a while but I bet Downtown liquors in Davis is still good

      Little disappointed with Cambridge Wine.

      Sav-mor fresh pond is awful. Twin city is better but just the usual suspects

      1. re: ac106

        Downtown's beer selection is outstanding, and their wine selection is decent, but their liquor selection is pretty sparse. Certainly not a destination compared to Liquor World or Cambridge Wine & Spirits.

        1. re: dfan

          Oh well. Maybe things have changed. They used to have the best bourbon/ scotch selection in the area

          1. re: ac106

            Downtown had a heyday of being really good, and then for some reason their liquor selection evaporated.

      2. re: nickls

        Cirace definitely has a lot of amare.

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Was in the N. End today and picked up a bottle of Amaro Sibilla. Thanks for the recs!

          1. re: drewames03

            nice! one of my favs. did you see if they also have the amaro d'ell erborista from the same producer (Varnelli)? i've usually bought those two in ny but would love to know it's around locally.. (also, price? if you don't mind sharing)

            1. re: valcfield

              They did have the erborista. I believe it was in the $60s. The Sibilla was $51

              1. re: drewames03

                thanks! sad it's no cheaper than nyc, but hey, a lot closer!

        2. re: nickls

          The owner of Liquor World has a passion for amaro and bitters -- he's told me that he gets stuff in from Germany that's unavailable anywhere else.

                1. re: CportJ

                  Sorry, too many browser windows open.

                  The real question is how do they compare to amari? Is nux alpina an example?

                  1. re: CportJ

                    They all can be very similar whether they are French Amer, Italian Amaro, German Krauterlikor, Hungarian Bitters, etc. The differences lie in what nearby herbs that they use -- for example, Alpine liqueurs have more mint and menthol notes (i.e.: S. Maria al Monte, Fernet Branca). Most of these are caramel-black and balanced with sugar. There are others that fall out of that pack like Campari and Aperol.

                    At a bitter liqueur tasting at Portland Cocktail Week in 2012 called "Blinded by the Dark," we tasted Jagermeister in parallel with other bitter liqueurs and in that format, it held its ground as a classy digestif.


                    1. re: yarm

                      Omg... Jäger is an amaro! That just kind of blew my reptilian frat boy mind right there...

                      Can you imagine ... Doing shots of Averna or Aperol bombs?