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Apr 23, 2014 04:51 PM

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

Just moved to Mount Kisco and have only started exploring its food options. So far, I've sampled Little Kebab Station (very good), Village Social (ditto), Azteca (ok) and Bellizzi (ok, good for kids).

What are some other places worth checking out? There are a bunch of Mexican/Central American places in town, any highlights? How about food stores/bakeries/wine and liquor shops, etc.? Now that I no longer have easy access to Fairway, the Mt. Kisco Smokehouse looks interesting, any reports?

Also, anything in the immediate surrounding areas (Bedford Hills, Katonah, Yorktown Heights, etc.) worth checking out?

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  1. make your way to North in Armork for brunch or dinner, ASAP!!!!!

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      Oooopssss!!! Sorry. Need the eye MD, clearly. Yes. Armonk!!

    2. I think MRS meant Armonk!!! In Armonk, Restaurant North for fancy, Fortina for great pizza. In Kisco for wine check out the liquor store in the shopping center with A&P - it's on the little strip mall side. John has an excellent selection of wines, especially Italian. The Mt. Kisco Smokehouse on Lexington Avenue is great - several types of salmon, they have smoked shrimp and mussels as well. Very nice people. For fish, Mt. Kisco seafood, also on Lexington. If you want to venture to Yorktown, I love Turcos. Its a small supermarket with excellent produce, meats and fish. They make their own turkey breast in the cold cut section and have a great cheese selection. Sgaglio's in Katonah has excellent meats - prepare to pay for them though. Simple Italian food but always good - Nino's in Bedford Hills. Chappaqua Village Market is very good, but again, bring the big wallet. Bakeries - La Tulip or L'Anjou - both good French. Pastry Corner - eh. Changed owners and with the bad attitude, I won't go back. If I think of more I'll post again!

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      1. Rincon Santaneco is great for pupusas and the seafood soup. The Salvadoran and Mexican groceries next door and across the street (especially) are useful.

        I'll also second Mt Kisco Seafood. It isn't cheap, but is 100% reliable and full service - they will clean, shuck, etc. for free. Very nice people.

        I also like Lalibela for Ethiopian. It might not be the best in the world, but it is solid and provides a nice change of pace.

        For wine, I have found nothing that can compete for price or selection with just ordering for delivery from the city, but Fountainhead in Bedford Hills does have a nice selection of things they direct import, so they at least provide variety.

        1. Welcome to the neighborhood, kdgchow! A huge plus one for Rincon Santeneco for Salvadorian - their pupusas are delicious. Glad you've tried Little Kebab Station - it's my favorite Indian in the area. You can't go wrong with the other "Littles" - Little Crepe Street is awesome for brunch and Little Spice Bazar is a great place to grab a lassi. Gerardo's Pizzeria is very good (across from Friendly's) and has a good pasta special on Wed nights.

          Go up 117 and you'll find Sammy's Kosher in Bedford. Great soups and overall good deli fare. Nearby are two great pizzerias - Gianfranco's and Sinapi's Pizza Rustica.

          Hope these help!

          1. Thanks for all the recs, everyone! Will have to check out Rincon Santaneco and the Smokehouse ASAP.

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              Thought of a good bakery. Bee's cakes in armonk is very good and the Bedford Pastry Shop on next to the A & P.