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Apr 23, 2014 04:16 PM

North Indain or Pakistan food

Was wondering if anyone on here could recommend Northern Indain or Pakistan place to eat? We will be staying friend in west midtown and really like to break them out of their culinary box. Love to try something authentic and willing to travel some for really good food!

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  1. those are not two cuisines that Manhattan does esp well...

    Since you are in Midtown West, how about BYOB Isaan Thai at Larb Ubol?...just an option

    1. Pakistani food is not very good in Manhattan. There are spots that do kabab well or a decent biryani, but for anything more reliable, you'd need to visit the Outer Boroughs board.

      For North Indian, you can't go wrong with Moti Mahal Delux. It is the New York location of an Indian restaurant chain well-known for Mughlai cuisine. Others will likely recommend Dhaba or Malai Marke and while those restaurants do not specialize in North Indian, you'll still have a good meal.

      1. Not specifically North Indian, but Nirvana is close to where you will be staying and serves good North and South Indian dishes.

        1. Lexington below 34th St to 23 St is affectionately called "Curry Hill" for the plentitude of Indian/Pakistani restaurants. Not my personal choice of cuisine so I do not have any recs.

          1. Larb Ubol has a liquor license now. Food very good though