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Apr 23, 2014 03:39 PM

Restaurants: Accessible w/ *Comfy* Seating

hi gang! my mom recently had pretty major surgery on her leg (torn hamstring) .she's still recuperating, but soon will be well enough to come down to seattle for lunch with me, and/or have me join her for lunch out on the east side. she's really excited to get out of the house - but she'll be on crutches for a good while yet, and hard or uncomfortable seats are very painful for her. so! any recommendations for a restaurant with comfy seating and easy access for someone on crutches? all i can come up with is the georgian (food is okay, but the seating is great for my mom). this is more about her comfort than about stellar food, though if there are any suggestions combining the two i'd love to hear it!

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  1. I wasn't totally in love with the food, but my husband and I did think the chairs at Loulay were extremely comfortable. Mind you, there are different types of chairs at different spots and we were at the tippy-top of the restaurant overlooking the valet parking at the Sheraton, so your mom would have to navigate a fair number of stairs to get to the super-comfy chairs. I wished we had them in our dining room.

    1. Hi, chartreauxx:

      If Le Zinc will accommodate your mom through one of their side doors, that place would be ideal. There is paid parking right next door, no steps, and only a few crutch-lengths from the door to all seats in the restaurant (bar is on a different level). Both the banquettes and chairs are comfy, and the food *is* stellar. Also very affordable, unstuffy and fun. The maitre'd, Parris, is fantastic.

      Have fun wherever you two go.


      1. the georgian - though easily the most beautiful dining room in seattle - is up several short flights of steps though elevator access (through grubby back halls) is available. try its soigne successor at the new four seasons where the food is quite pleasant, the view spectacular and the chairs are as well upholstered as the prices