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Apr 23, 2014 02:48 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Venue

We are looking for a place near the French Quarter or along St. Charles Ave. for a rehearsal dinner for 70 seated guests. Any suggestions?

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  1. That is a large room. I've never been in a sit down room that large except in hotels. So that is one choice.

    Another might be a few restaurants that can set aside part of the restaurant. The second or third floor at NOLA can be used for private parties.

    Then there is a buy out of a smaller restaurant that seats 70.

    1. Antoine's could do it: their Rex room or Japanese Room can handle that many. Arnaud's should have something since the place is huge. I don't know what the larger
      (of three ) upstairs rooms at Galtoire's holds but a combination of two would work although ti might be awkward because of configuration. The AUdubon Tea Room,up at the Zoo, would certainly is huge.and has a nice garden if the time of year is good.(It also lets you have music that won't blow out the eardrums.)

      1. OK, you have given us the preferred area. What time of year? What day of the week? What type of food? Open Bar and wine? Budget?

        Hate to be nosy, but it will help with suggestions.

        1. We were very pleased with the beautiful upstairs catering facility at the Napoleon House.

          1. It might be a little out of the way, but I think that Little Gem Saloon could be an option.