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Apr 23, 2014 01:53 PM

Brewery and Urban Wine Tasting Crawl??

Hi all! I will be in Portland this upcoming weekend for a conference and am looking for brewery and urban wine tasting options.

A bit of background: My husband loves stouts, and is a big fan of Bruery beers (an Orange County, CA brewery) which have pretty deep/complex flavors. I'm a big fan of Pinot Noir (mostly Californian), so I'm very excited to try some great Oregon Pinots (and other styles of wine too).

On the list so far: Hair of the Dog, NWIPA, Upright Brewery, Enso wine.

Is there a general region of Portland where we could explore a few of these/and or other great options?

THANK YOU all in advance! Looking forward to a great weekend in Portland!

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  1. The SO is the beer guy and he loves porters and stouts, though he is hoppishly omnivorous :-) so we've tried a number of places, though still only scratching the surface, on our recent visits. Thumbs up for Upright, especially if you also happen to be jazz fans.

    Not a brewery but we were impressed with Belmont Station in March. Also enjoyed Horse Brass last June, when they had a to-die-for summer-only Radler on tap. Staff at both are very well versed, and they both have a whack of taps, plus tasting sizes are available in pretty much every beer (be sure to enquire if you go to Horse Brass, I don't think they list the smaller size). I quite like Bailey's if you're downtown, and it's even better value than all the other very reasonable pubs around. Saraveza's also pretty awesome, with solid taps and seemingly endless bottles, plus more of an ambiance than some of the others. And fine pasties (savoury pies) as well. It's a bit far away, though, and Breakside Brewery is even further, though we thought it was worth the schlep.

    It sounds like you wouldn't anyway, but I'd pass on places like Deschutes and Rogue. Just not that interesting to me at least. And I was surprised by how just okay we found Cascade, at least for the sours.

    Hard to find really bad beer anywhere in the city, it seems. Have a wonderful time!

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      Thanks so much for the thoughts and recommendations. I will be sure to check out Belmont Station and Horse Brass. Hadn't heard of those, so thanks for that. Will post a follow-up once we get back!!

    2. I haven't been yet but have heard good things about this big new wine bar in SE Portland with 44 wines on tap, Cooper's Hall: